Monday, September 13, 2010

Sushi King

As a foodie who loves Japanese food, I have to say that Sushi King isn't that bad and they have made tremendous improvement over the last couple of months. In my opinion, the worst Japanese joint would be Sakae sushi as compared to Sushi Tei, Sushi Zanmai, and Sushi King.

Here's some of my favourite dishes at Sushi King:

#1 Favourite
Salmon sashimi @ RM11.90, Sushi King
Their salmon is really thick and fresh.

#2 Favourite
Salmon Toro Kushi @ RM7.90, Sushi King
The grilled salmon is juicy and has really smooth texture. 
It has some fat on them which makes it more yummy!
 #3 Favourite:
 Tamago Sushi

 #4 Favourite:
Clam soup

#5 Favourite:
Fresh scallop sushi

#6 Favourite:
Unagi Set @ RM19.90, Sushi King


 Assorted Sashimi @ RM19.90, Sushi King

 with Chia Li & Moon

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