Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ad: How I lose my belly fat with Tripeptide

Do you wonder why your weight just refuse to go down no matter how hard you try? While your skinny friend can eat loads and not gain any weight?

The secret to weight loss: Harmonal Harmony

When you hormones are at their optimal levels, your body functions at peak efficiency:
  • Your metabolism starts jamming'.
  • You look a lot better.
  • Your body maintains a healthy weight without much conscious effort.
  • Your belly flattens.
  • Your skin is clear and radiant; your hair and nails are strong and shiny.
  • Your eyes are bright.
  • Your senses are keen, not dulled
  • You don't suffer from excessive hunger or crazy cravings
  • You get cut and lean.
  • You have energy to burn.
  • You live a longer, healthier life.
 Reference [in italic] : Master your Metabolism by Jilian Michaels (book)

Sounds too good to be true? I've tried it myself and THE RESULT WAS SUPER DUPER AMAZING THAT I CANNOT BELIEVE IT MYSELF!

This was me before:

I was not pregnant, thank you. That's even though I have been going to the gym religiously for 2 times/week (I am not asking you to stop exercising, by all means, please do).

1 week after Tripeptide.........deng deng deng..


If you ask me whether I sucked in my stomach in the photo, my answer is no because I don't have David Copperfield's skill in order to do that.

If this is happening to you:
  • people keep asking you if you are pregnant (when you are not) & it's annoying the hell out of you
  • your whole family is overweight & you think that you are destined to be overweight.
  • you eat like a 16-year-old boy but still constantly hungry
  • you have the overweight syndrome such as: constantly tired, back pain, looking older than your actual age, etc
  • you eat like a mouse and yet, still on the plump side
Most probably your hormones are all screwed up and
Tripeptide is the solution!!!

How Tripeptide works:
* Lose 3-5 kgs in 30 days

* Contribute to body functions such as blood pressure regulation, thyroid function and responsible for regulating the release of hormones. (Remember when I said earlier that balanced hormones or "hormonal harmony" is the secret to weight lost?)
* Create a unique supplement to promote younger skin, reduces wrinkle depth and removes dark age spots.
* Combined with an exclusive traditional Chinese medicine Angelica compound to perpetuate youthful rigor by helping to keep hormone levels up.
* An anti-oxidant that can be critical in protecting healthy cells from radicals in the body.
* A breakthough formulation incorporating Hyaluronic Acid and Silk Peptide, required for the support of skin, nails and hair.

Double Action: Younger looking skin + Weight Loss is ♥♥♥

For more info about Tripeptide softgel, please check out their website & facebook of the official supplier.

Here's the good news. The usual price is RM380/box for 1 month supply but now it's only RM564 for 3 month supply!!! They also deliver to local & international.
Hurry up & grab the offer before it's too late!!

Wish you younger, more beautiful and slimmer!!!

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