Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dependent Grown Up Children

What makes me really when I see a parent KEEP supporting his or her grown up children. Needless to say, these adults are raised and spoiled to be dependent, careless, selfish and having that "i entitle it" attitude.

As a parent, when you keep on supporting your children financially,
Does your children appreciate you more? No.
Is he ever going to be financially independent? Most likely not.
Is he going to return your money? No.
Does it improve your relationship when you ask your children back for the money? No
When you are old, sick and poor, can he/she support your needs? No.
Does it strain the relationship between your dependent child with the independent ones? Oh hell, yes.
What are the chances of him getting into situation or stuff that he couldn't afford? 100%

As a result, the parents are working their butts off while the children conveniently milking their money.

I do want to be blase about this but I just can't no matter how hard I tried.
Here's an article titled

Enabling Self-Indulgent Adult Children Is Not Good Parenting

which I seriously like to share. My favourite line for this article is "Adult children who are not disabled should not be supported by their parents and parents should not support their adult children"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trip to Penang

Detour to Ipoh for dimsum is a must!

dim sum 2
Dim Sum #1 @ Foh San, Ipoh

dimsum 1
Dim Sum #2 @ Foh San, Ipoh

dim sum 3
Family @ Foh San, Ipoh

Ar Leng CKT @ Khoon Hiang Cafe, Penang
You can request to add mantis prawn and duck egg to your CKT here.
I would prefer the CKT at Kafe Heng Huat of Lorong Selamat cause their prawn are fresher than the ones here.

Me @ Northam's lobby
I just love to stay at this hotel, it's my 3rd time here :)

Love the hotel's view.

 Hotel's bathroom


Had a relaxing swim here

My darling chilling at the pool's bench.

Our night entertainment @ Pakma food court

The set lunches at Redbox, Gurney is really not bad
For the price of RM12++ onwards for a main course, a drink and 3 hours karaoke time, this deal is superb!

2012-04-15 19.12.24
Bought this RM15 spec from Gurney Plaza

We had our seafood dinner at Sunshine Bay Seafood before heading back to KL.

Sunshine Bay Seafood, Tanjung Bungah

Braised noodle with flower crab and prawn
The noodle, crab and prawn is a great combo and it's really hard to find both crab and prawn this fresh. I would highly recommend this. 

Claypot fish head with yam.
This is one of the restaurant's signature dish, it does taste good and the fish is really fresh.

Kappa mee suah, another signature dish
This was also a great dish, my only grip is the mee suah is slightly too soft and soggy.
It's lala is so fresh and sweet.

Fried long bean with choy poh and dried shrimp 

Fried sotong, too chewy for my liking

Mom having a laugh

The bill, quite reasonable la

Sunshine Bay is right opposite this condo called Harmony Residence.
 Just out random curiosity, I checked the price for this property and it's worth a staggering RM3 mil for this 5000 sqft apartment!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Health & Exercising

Why does people rather complain and SUFFER their own ill-health rather than fixing it by simple things like exercising?

It really bothers me to see loved ones and friends SUFFERING from ill-health and SPENDING so much time, energy and money on medicine and treatments. If you could wash and service your car regularly, why not give your health the same priority?

I have also come to realization that most people just won't change even with me constantly telling or reminding them to live healthily. So I have decided that I shouldn't be bothered to do this anymore because I don't like to be a sour nagger. However, just recently I ranted about the same topic on my facebook status and a close friend told me that he is suddenly 'awakened'. He has started walking + jogging since and I am really happy for him that he did so! :D

I am not really a health freak but I guess I am improving along the time. You can argue that I am not a vegetarian and that I am not that healthy either - I like to eat out, I drink tea/coffee, etc etc. But at least I am putting effort into exercising and eating healthily. For me, having a super health-conscious partner has really influence me a lot into healthy diet. :)

Here are two things that I do to remain healthy which is really easy to do.

1) Exercise.
You have 168 hours a week. How about just spending 2 hours a week to exercise, which is really like about 1% of your time and you'll save yourself from your 24x7 suffering. Don't you know that regular exercise will reduce/prevent your back pain, asthma, obesity, etc etc? If you really do not have the will or patience to do 1 or 2 hours of exercise, try starting small, 10 to 15 minutes perhaps?

Here's my weekly exercise routine.
Mon - Aikido (1 hour)
Tues - Hip Hop & Yoga (2 hour)
Sat - Zumba & Hip Hop (2 hour)

Once a while, I swim, jog, hike and dive.

A workout dance: The Time - Black Eyed Peas

Exercising is fun and if possible, I wanna do the routines above forever. Find something that you like so that you do not have to endure exercising but enjoy it!

2) Having healthy breakfast and sometimes, healthy lunch too.

My regular breakfast consist of:

  • 1 pc of whole meal bread with butter, jam, kaya, or cheese etc etc
  • Half-boiled egg (once or twice a week)
  • This is the most important: Blended fruits and vegetables , I like to think of it as my beauty magic potion. Mine is a combination of lemon, lettuce, apple, banana, carrot, tomato, bitter guard and potato. With so much of nutrient goodness, this is much more better to what SKII can do to your skin.

Sometimes I eat these for lunch:

Salad leaves, baby tomato and Japanese cucumber with salad dressing

Mixed fruits

Ending this post with my photo :P

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