Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trip to Macau - Part 2

Senado Square

Senado square is my favourite place in Macau as it's full of retail shops and antique buildings. 
It's also a designated Unesco heritage site and it's within walking distance to many historical buildings such as St. Paul ruins and St. Dominic church.

Fisherman wharf

This place is quite deserted with very few visitors but the building here at quite nice.

House of the Dancing Water, City of Dreams

We went for this acrobatic performance and it was indeed an amazing performance. 
It was a tad too expensive though,  we got the cheapest seat and it was about RM227 per pax.

Ruins of St. Paul's

 Super major crowd at St. Paul. It's impossible to take a photo here without blocking another person who is taking photo. 
The beautiful St. Paul ruins

The famous Koi Kei Pastelaria near to St. Paul
The street leading to St. Paul is full of pastry shops and everyone is eager to offer free tasting.
By the time we reach St. Paul, we were already so full of cookies. 

DQ is my favourite ice-cream!


Other than sight-seeing and a bit of shopping, the must do would be to visit all the casinos! Okay-lah, it is really impossible to visit all the casinos within a few days as there are 33 casinos in Macau.

One of the best buffet that I had in my life is in the Sands' casino. 

We were just wandering aimlessly in the casino and when we decided to check out their buffet.

 They have snow crab and brown crab, and this is my first time eating them!

 This honey dew is the sweetest that I ever had.

 Their desserts are to die for, and there were so many varieties and not humanly possible to try all the desserts here. 

I could have taken more photos if I wasn't having a massive stomach ache that day. I could barely stand straight that day and yet, I was really amazed that I can still tramped all over Macau and survived a buffet. *very proud of myself*

This is the famous Venetian which is a hotel, shopping mall and casino

Since no photography is allowed in the casino, I only have this toilet photo.

and I sneaked a photo just outside the toilet but was caught :(

Venetian's foodcourt

This giant discoball is the famous casino Lisboa

Macau's Food

This is a Portuguese restaurant just opposite our hotel at Best Western Taipa.
The first time that we went, it was fully booked so we went again the next day thinking that it must be so good that it's fully booked.

The Portuguese boss behind me

Macau fried rice

Our mini steak, yeah, it is called mini steak in the menu.
Food quality here is above average but I think the price is too expensive.

Yummy almond curd that we found around Senado Square

Macau pork bun, it is a must try dish when going to Macau. The pork steak was good la but I think the combination is quite dry because it's just pork and the bun.

We were looking for food and accidentally found this tart shop in the back of some alley.
I think should be quite famous based on the crowd here. 
If you are walking from casino Lisboa to Senado Square, do look out for their signboard which will lead you to an alley.

Here's the shopfront
Magaret's Cafe e Nata
Address: Rua do Camandate Mata e Oliveira 17-B, Edf. Gum Loi, Macau
Tel: 28710032

Not very far from Magaret's tart shop is this yummy milk pudding shop.

Yummy milk pudding which is similar to the one that I had in Hong Kong.

There are so many flavors to choose from but since we only have two stomachs and just had the Margaret's tart, so we only ordered one original flavour to be shared.

Here's the shop, if you walk from casino Lisboa to Senado Square, you will be able to spot this shop.

Mcdonald's red bean pie. This is seriously good, and the red bean paste is so smooth that it keeps dripping out of the pie.

This is the food that we ordered to our hotel room at Best Western Taipa. Super lousy.

 and of course the very famous Lord Stow's Portuguese tart. You can't say that you have visited Macau if you did not try this.

Lord Stow's bakery @Coloane


Coloane is famous for their very old traditional houses. 
I think this place is famous for their seafood restaurants but we didn't have the chance to try. I think I saw this place before in some Hong Kong movie.

Macau's Puddy Tat & my mom's foot

Sylvester aka Puddy Tat, they looks like twins right???

Taipa Village

Taipa Village is another village which has really old Macau buildings and it's just within walking distance from our hotel. 

 Really nice mint-coloured building

Overall, it's a good trip. Not an super exciting one, but still good. There's shopping, casinos, heritage stuff, kick ass Portuguese tart, everyone here speaks Cantonese, food and shopping is affordable, and we could also explore everywhere on foot and bus cause their public transportation here is superb.

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