Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sakae sushi, 1U

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We were at 1U today to service Roy's regulator. I was starving by the time we are done at the dive shop. I am always craving for Sushi King as they have really fresh sushis. As we couldn't find sushi king and both my leg and stomach is aching, we walked in to Sakae Sushi. It was a total disappointment as the food is extremely lousy!

Obviously unhappy with her food

Roy was chomping away as usual as he has no tastebud

We ordered Ikura Chawanmushi (salmon roe) and what's served was quite different from the menu. Spot the difference?

Photo in the menu

Ikura chawanmushi
Actual food

The salmon roe doesn't taste fresh and it doesn't have the explode-in-your-mouth feeling of those big fat juicy roe. :(

I am banning Sakae from now on.

Overall rating: -1/5


  1. way different from the pic in menu. so misleading.
    Sakae lost its quality. I dont dine there anymore.

  2. Moon: Looking at the texture of the salmon roe, I think they steamed the salmon roe together with the egg. RM5.90 is definitely a good deal if they really serve what is shown in the picture. The salmon roe alone will cost more than that.
    Haha.. what a funny description on Roy has no taste bud..


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