Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Restoran Korea, Ampang Hilir

My friend, Shirley has been raving about this Korean place for a while and so we decided to give it a try last Friday despite the notorious Ampang's traffic jam on a usual Friday.

Luckily, the jam wasn't that bad on that day and we managed to reach in like less than one hour from our office at Seri Kembangan.

The shopfront of Restoran Korea. I know, the name is too common.
There are a few Korean restaurants in this area so don't walk into the wrong one.

Most of the diners here are Korean.

Korean food wouldn't be complete without kimchi, bean sauce and Soju of course!
The egg wasn't in the menu but the staff there gave it to us for free. So nice of him.


This is their wall menu and it's all in Korean. It was still okay because they only have a few items on their menu.
For their main dish, it's only either pork and chicken.
For the side dishes, they have rice, noodle, mushroom, potato, etc.

Since we came with a no-pork friend, we only tried out their chicken which is really tender and smooth and it comes with loads of cabbage.

Picture above: before they stirred
Picture below: after

We ordered mushroom, rice and noodles for add-ons. Basically, they cook everything together using the same sauce.
Do not underestimate their noodle and rice as they really goes well in this combination.

Me and Shirley. The red apron was provided.
This is the girl who have been raving about this place and this was her 3rd time here.

The bill comes to RM131 which is quite cheap for the five of us. Each of us is only RM26.

Their name card

Their map

Overall, the food was good and I would definately want to come back anytime soon with my family to try out their pork.
My only complaint was their floor was a bit oily and the smell inside the restaurant is really pungent from all the cooking.

Restoran Korea address:
D7, Jln Excella II, Excella III,
Off Jalan Ampang Putra
Taman Ampang Hilir, 55100 KL
Tel: 016-379 5737

Environment: 3.5/5
Service: 8/10
Price: Reasonable
Overall Rating: 4/5

After the dinner, it was Foosball time to burn some calories.


and some mojitos, kahlua and beer

Evidence of someone playing foosball a little too rough...lol..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sushi Tei, Mid Valley

Here's the newly opened Sushi Tei at Mid Valley City. For me, my first experience of Sushi Tei is at their Tropicana City Mall branch and it was love at the first bite! ♥♥♥

It's mashed tuna with almost cooked egg yolk.
I wouldn't recommend this to anyone as the mashed tuna is quite hard to accept.
The texture is like mashed potato but it's smell very fishy.


Mentaiko with tamago

Mentaiko again. ♥♥♥ RM6.80
I didn't know the price of their sushi on the conveyor belt cause I couldn't find price chart. Otherwise, I might think twice before ordering this.

Salmon Don with Fish Roe at RM12.80
I think it's value for money cause it comes with a lot of salmon roe. Love the pop-in-your-mouth sensation when you chew on the roe.
The salmon sashimi is a quite thin though.

Love their glittery pink menu

Haha..Collagen on the menu?

As I am a sucker for Japanese food, I couldn't resist not subscribing to their membership card. The card is RM99 but you'll get RM120 vouchers which comes in the denomination of RM50 x 2, RM10, RM5 x 2
Members also get 10% discount on the total bill. No reason not to subscribe right?

How to apply Sushi Tei card

The vouchers

Guess I will be eating a lot of Sushi Tei from now on. :-)

Sushi Tei Mid Valley address:
Sushi Tei
LG-210, Lower Ground Floor, The Garden Mall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282 7635  Fax: 03-2282 7785

Direction: It's at the lower ground floor on the lane heading towards The Garden from Mid Valley.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Restoran Dim Sum Yum Cha, Kuchai Avenue - Revisit

There are only 2 Dim Sum restaurants in Kuchai Entrepreneurs' Park that is worth going. The first one is the popular and established Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong (or better known as Kam Hin) which has 5 branches. The second one is the newly opened Restoran Dim Sum Yum Cha at Kuchai Avenue which is under Grand Cuisinelicious Sdn Bhd.

This will be my 2nd visit here. Here's the post of my first visit.

They will give you free egg tarts when you show your parking ticket.
I wonder if they have already implemented this during my first visit cause I didn't notice know this before.

Their egg tarts which is quite good.

Instead of ordering chinese tea to go with the dim sum, we've decided to try their many varieties of herbal drinks:


Right: Mint leave with chrysanthemum @ RM3.50
Left: Sugar cane with water chestnut @ RM3.50

Their dim sum is only served upon order and the waiting time is still quite long.

and still waiting!!!

The most lousy red bean paste with sesame rice ball:
The sesame rice ball is good but the red bean paste is super duper thick it becomes hard to swallow. If you throw this to the wall, it will probably stick on to the wall.

This photo proved that I am not exaggerating.

Mango crispy rolls @ RM4.80
This is marked as recommended in their menu but it is only so-so.

Prawn is fresh and succulent. 
Char siew pau is nice too as the pau skin is very soft

Pork ribs is not bad.

Ok, that's all. I will certainly revisit this place again for dim sum but maybe not too soon :)

UPDATES: Super Deals is offering RM18 for cash voucher worth of RM30 at this restaurant. Don't miss it! Deal ends 29-April 2011.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

City of Light Trees: I-city, Shah Alam

After seeing too many photos taken by other bloggers of I-city, I thought I wouldn't be excited but I was wrong! The sight is really really breathtaking! and it's an ideal place to take your kids or parents ;)


Before heading to i-City, I have decided to try out Yuen's steamboat since I heard that their chicken wings are really good and it is always crowded whenever I passed by.

My friend, Angel has warned me that the chicken wings are hard to snatch and I might be able to get one piece if I am lucky. I thought she was kidding or just exaggerating. I was soon to witness a crowd of like 10 teenagers or more crowding at the table before there even was a sign of chicken wing. When the chicken wings were finally served, the people are literately fighting for the wings and it was gone in like 1 minute! No kidding.


The prized chicken wing.
It's bbq-ed to perfection with very tasty marinate.
I was very lucky to get two pieces..LOL...
One of the teen was sympathic to my mom and hence gave her a piece..LOL...and I got one piece on my own!

The crowd
Price: RM20.80 nett per head and drinks are not included.

They are many Malay customers here as they do not serve pork and most of their kitchen staffs are Malays.

32A-1, Jalan PJS 8/6

Mentari Plaza, Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.076211, 101.612098
Tel:016-2086678, 56375825

Food Ranking : 3/5

Environment: 2.5/5
Price: Reasonable
Overall Rating: 2.5/5

 Photos of I-City @ Shah Alam:

White Christmas Tree

I <333 the mistletoes!

Colourful pine trees


Me and a mini christmas tree.
Too bad they are not playing Christmas music.
Interesting enough, they are playing all-time hits like Michael Jackson and even a Chinese song that goes like this...Lonnnnggg Pannn.....Loong Lauuuu......(means moving wave?)

Can you see the moon?


Red tree

White tree


A shop selling lots of lighted head gear and other lighted stuff.

Photos of the snow room:

This is the entrance of the Snow House.
It tooks us about 20 minutes to get in since the queue is like literately 0.5km.


Light Deer

Hehe...I couldn't resist buying this Minnie mouse lighted hair band at RM8 from the shop there.


Mom with Minnie Mouse band :-)

Me and my two moms.


Haha..my 80-year-old MIL is sporting enough to wear the lighted band for photo.

Photos of us:

Roy and MIL


Light peacock!

Some info about i-City:

It was probably built before 2010 CNY since I found an article on The Star promoting it during the CNY month.

There are a few restaurants in I-city, one of it called the Tasty Pot Restaurant looks interesting enough. It serves Buffet BBQ steamboat at RM26.80 per head with a few soup base to choose from such as:
soya bean soup, curry soya bean soup, HK satin porridge, Chong Qing spicy soup, Thai style tom yam soup and herbal soup. There have a grill which serves grilled crab, not sure if it included in the buffet. They do not have a lot of customers though. There is also Gasoline restaurant there.

Entrance fee: RM10 for parking and it comes with a RM10 voucher.You can be use the voucher to redeem for  the RM2 entrance fee for the snow room.

And that's the end of my post!
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