Thursday, July 22, 2010

World Cup 2010

I am never a fan of football but I must say that I have enjoyed every season of World Cup.

Had Korean with my old school friends on the night of the World Cup Final.

Ivan, Hong Wooi and Sharon

Sharon & me

Pat, Hee Mun and Kok Yeong (The soon-to-be mommy & daddy)

The food :

Their side dishes are the best compared to others that I have tried so far.
Side dishes are FOC and it's also FREE to refill. This is why I love Korean food. :D

Side dishes close-up

Marinated beef. Double thumbs up!

Seafood pot. Not nice

Glass noodle. Nice but don't know why this is so expensive comparatively @RM25

World Cup 2010: Things that I enjoyed

1. Waka waka - love the song, the dance and the mtv. Shakira is hot! I just love going to gym during this period as we'll do the waka-waka dance during the zumba class. :D

Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

2. Watching the final. I didn't watch a single match until the final. But then, it is always exciting to join in the shouting with the crowd. :P

I've booked a table at Woodz to watch the final. It' wasn't easy to book for a table cause I was planning to go alone. The waiter (my brother) refused to take any singles reservation :(
initially. After some threatening, I finally got my reservation. :D

Customised reservation label

Taking about history, two seasons ago, WC is a money making season for me as there will be a lot of part-time jobs :P
My part-time jobs = money + being paid to hang out with your friends. :))

This round final wasn't as exciting as both team played lousily. The only excitement is the kungfu kick by the Nets. Hence, I find that my supper is more appealing that anything else:

Woodz's signature mushroom ramen, YUM YUM!

Wedges are good too.

It's cheap. I ordered 100plus campur ribena but they just charged me for 100-plus. :P
The end.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Durian Buffet @ SS2


We passed by this stall at SS2 during our dinner time last Sunday and decided to give it a try since I have been craving for durian lately. Already bought and eaten some durian from pasar malam yesterday but still not satisfied. :P

Can't believed that we got conned! It was written in their bigass banner that it's RM10, right? There's no asterisk mark or "t&c apply"on the banner as I double checked.

As we found out later, RM10 is only on weekday. -____-

The crowd.
There are two other durian buffet stalls nearby but this is the only stall which is actually crowded. With this kinda crowd, guess it should be good right?

Many different types of durian. Don't be fool though, these are not included in the buffet.

Roy. He ate 3 biji of durian.

Durian kampung, eat-all-you-want. The look of the durian doesn't justify the taste as their kampung durian is really good, which is very milky and rich in taste.

Me. I think I only managed to eat one biji durian. Wasted.

This is where you are supposed to rinse your mouth to reduce the heat after eating durian. Very creative right?

 Coconut - one of the "leung-est" drink.

Verdict: Their durian is good and it would be really cheap if you come on weekday so I will definitely come back again. :D Between, it is RM15 per pax on weekend.

Donald's Durian, Jalan SS 2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya
(opposite Vogue Collection Bridal House)

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rojak's Guide to Life Saving Tips

Situation: Sudden stomachache attack and you feel like your stool is gonna explode from your anus anytime. and you are driving. alone. traffic jam. and you've got no idea if the nearest toilet is anyway within 10km. You rather be stabbed a few times than having to endure this.

Here's how:
1. Identify your current location and figure out if you are gonna make it to your home for the comfort of your own toilet seat. Some of the minor details to consider (depending on your property type and location of your nest).

If you are staying in:

Apartment : Can you survive the stairs? (If you are staying in 4th or 5th storey of a walk up apartment)

Condo : How long do you normally take to park your car? (especially if your condo has like 4 storey car park basement)

Does it take long to take the lift? (especially you have to wait an average of 3 minutes for lift, you stay on the highest floor and there is 8 other people in the lift staying on different floor)

DSL/Semi-D: You are the lucky ones, you'll get in the fastest.

2. Choose the best route to home
If there is a longer route and a shorter route (but has more traffic lights) and you can't decide which one is the fastest, I would recommend the latter.
  • The longer route probably means that you'll be driving like a mad woman and dangerously fast.
  • Traffic light interval gives you time to compose and calm yourself.
  • Try to shift focus from the pain by thinking or doing something such as listening to your favourite songs. You might want to avoid songs like BOOM BOOM POW!! 
  • Pray (cause there is  really nothing else that you can do)
3. If going home is not an option, then just find the nearest petrol station nearby. Easy? Maybe, if your bowel doesn't feel like exploding the next second. Other than petrol station, there are many other options such as a medical center (easy to park and lots of toilet), eatery, elderly homes, etc etc. Be prepared for the worst to come in the event when you face with obstacles such as a locked/broken/washing-in-progress toilet. You cannot imagine the anguish when you think you have found a place to release and it didn't happen.

I don't know how to end this post. Just hope the guide is useful to you la.

P/S: I wonder if this happens to Lois Lane, will Superman come and rescue?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rojak's Guide to Living Together in Harmony

You wonder a lot...
1. You wonder why your favourite Hello Kitty cup is used as a flower pot. because your mom dented it.

2. You wonder why there are 4-5 indoor slippers around the house and none is yours.
3. You wonder where your favourite Hello Kitty bath towel is. It's on the kitchen floor
4. You wonder why there are an old shirt + red welcome mat + old men's brief on your kitchen floor.

5. You wonder why your car in not where you parked it.
6. You wonder why your cat is using your bowl.
7. You wonder why you are getting a lot of sms-es from strangers enquiring about the missed call that you didn't make.
8. You wonder why you need to refill your fuel tank so frequently when you hardly drive.
9. You wonder why your cat has more cutlery than you.

The perks of living with your family :)) You've got:
1. Someone to take care torture your cat when you are away (with a bribe)
2. Someone to take care of your car and your house when you are away
3. Someone to switch off your tv and stereo when you fell asleep.
4. Someone to tar pau breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper for you.<3
5. Someone to cry together when your cat died.
6. Someone to cry together when you watch soap opera.
7. Someone who never FFK the outings that you've made.
8. Someone to pay your food/credit card/utilities/maintenance fees when you are out of job for X months.
9. Someone who never hold a grunge against you even though you have been a really badass.
10.Someone who will dash back from work to take you to clinic when you need it.
11.Someone to remind you to take your lunch even though you are already X0 years old.
12.Someone to hear your yakking about your latest hobbies and how you like/hate the astro-on-demand dramas.
13.Some to hear your incessant complaints/bitching about the weather, friends, colleagues, bosses, etc etc
14.The list goes on.

If you ask me whether I enjoy living with my family, it's a resounding yes and it will never change. End.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

I hate BUSYbody!!!!

Definition of busybody by Rojak's 2010 Dictionary:
  • Self-acclaimed ALWAYS busy at work and BELITTLE other colleagues, but they have time to facebook, blog, have long lunches, paint their finger nails, gossips, BBM with friends, etc etc DURING office hour.
  • Usually are the freaks in the senior exec/middle mgmt level. I do not think that they have the potential to go up to the senior mgmt level due to their "humbleness" and freaky nature unless they sleep with the boss. (Secret thoughts: I would not mind sleeping with the boss if he looks like Donnie Yen and that I am rewarded with 5 digit salary with huge ass BONUS by doing hare-brained 9-5 jobs :P I wish..)
Note: I am not ALWAYs busy and I never BELITTLE others. My favourite past time are listed above BUT it's because I am working for myself now and nobody is offended or affected in the process. End.

Definition of busy by Rojak's 2010 Dictionary:
  1. You started working at 8.30AM daily and you leave office at 8pm and continue working at home till both your mother and cat sleeps
  2. You eat 2 meals a day infront of your laptop. (Eating nasi lemak on your desktop at 9.30AM doesn't count.
  3. You looks like the Cullen's family (pale faced, lack of sleep and food, bad skin, emotionless).
  4. Your best friend is Vitamin B complex, Surbex and Essense of Chicken.
  5. You are usually not popular with your colleagues because they think that you are a workaholic freak. If you are the popular one, it most probably means that you are wasting too much time on mindless chat.
  6. You do not remember how your friends look like cause you haven't been on FB awhile.
  7. You spend most of your time with your clients, bosses, yourself and your project mates. Unnecessary 5-day-a-week happy hour with your boss or non-commission contributors doesn't count. Don't cover up with your so-called networking. CAN YOU JUST BE A MAN AND ADMIT THAT YOU ARE AN ALCOHOLIC OR WOMANISER? (Ooh ohh, you are so busy but you took the time to read my miserable blog, I am so if..)
  8. You missed all your payment due dates cause you are just too fucking busy.
  9. Your family haven't seen you for awhile even though they stay in the same house. The closest person that you get to interact with is your condo security guard and your cat.
  10. You spend more than at least 6 hours working on weekends.
     Well, if you fits at least 3 out of 10 of the above. You are indeed BUSY. End.

    I am gonna end this post my favourite quote:
    Which one is more important? Eating with your family (or wife) or fighting (or working)
    - Donnie Yen in Ipman. 

    P/S: Especially when nobody is depending on you for food and shelter. End

      5 minutes heat

      This is in respond to Gene's blog post of ‘知’ 和 ‘行’

      A lot of my closed friends know me as a 5-min-heat person. Frankly, I cannot find another who can match or even close to my 5-min-heat so far.

      But still, I love who I am. I may be fickle-minded but I seldom hesitate, I just do and always exploring the unknown.

      Graduation Speech from Eclipse

      “When we were five, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Our things were answers like astronaut, president, or in my case, princess… When we were ten, they asked us again. We answered - rock star, cowboy, or in my case, gold medalist… But now that we’ve grown up, they want a more serious answer. Well, how about this… Who the hell knows? This isn’t a time to make hard and fast decisions. This is the time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere chill. Fall in love - a lot. Major in philosophy because there’s no way to make a career out of that. Change your mind. Then change it again because nothing is permanent. So make as many mistakes as you can. That way, someday, when they ask again what we want to be… We won’t have to guess. We’ll know.”

      I totally love this speech from my favourite movie.

      To be continued...(very sleepy now)

      Job Interview

      This is in respond to michaelooi's blog post of common interview questions. Please read it here first.

      Here are my comments to his post.

      Except for Question #3, I would say that these are my favourite questions as an interviewer.

      1) “Tell me about yourself.”
      I ask because I most probably did not read your boring resume plus the 10+ pages of attached certificate from your kindergarten, Uni, and the Math quiz that u took in Form 5. Could Malaysian pls be more creative with their resume? My life already sucks with having to go thru agreementsss with stupid jargons and why must I suffer to read your resume when you r the one asking me for jobs?

      2) “Why do you leave your current job?”
      I need to know if you are mentally well or if you have a real attitude problem.

      4) “What is your strength?”
      I need to know if you can sell my products/do the job and if you are prepared for this interview.

      5) “What is your greatest achievement?”
      • I need to know how highly you think of yourself or how aggressive you are.
      • If you do not have anything to say >> it's considered done. [I am so not going to hire you even if you are willing to work without getting paid] 

      I have probably interviewed XXX candidates in my miserable working life. One of the classic answer that I have heard is this.

      Rojak: What's your favourite past times?
      Interviewee: (He is a guy) Ohh..I love to intercourse with people. Cause I enjoy being with friends..blah blah..


      My colleague who was in this interview with me still do not know why Rojak looks like she has been possessed. -___-

      Saturday, July 10, 2010

      The Art of Flying

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