Thursday, December 4, 2014

Trip to Kunming / Stone Forest / Jiu Xiang

Day 1

We reached Kunming airport at about 5pm, so by the time we reach our hotel and rest a bit, it's time for dinner and some shopping.

For budget travelers, I would recommend that you stay in Fairyland Hotel (Kundu). Perfect location and super duper cheap. It's about RM100/night inclusive of breakfast. Their breakfast is not bad too.

 First stop is Jian Xin Yuan
We just told our taxi driver for recommendation and he brought us here. You have to queue up infront of their restaurant for them to take your orders. After you made your order and pay, you then proceed inside their restaurant to collect your bowl of noodle.

 Over-the-Bridge Rice Noodle
Trust me, you will be eating this dish everyday.

 This is supposed to be the most famous dish in the restaurant. You have to dip the raw meat in the hot soup to cook it and then follow by the noodle. I don't think their soup was hot enough to cook the meat. However, the meat came out well done surprisingly. Don't bother too much about the layer of oil on your soup, Kunming dishes are very oily, you'll get used to it.

The shopping area

More shopping area

Babi Club in Kundu. Lol
Kundu is full of clubs and you'll be surprised that there are so many people going clubbing on a Monday

 Day 2

We went to Stone Forest which is about 2 hours away from the city. According to our driver cum tour guide, this place is rated as 5-star and a UNESCO listed site. Throughout our trip, we booked a lady driver who brought us to all these long-distance touristy places.

Beautiful, isn't it?

It's a lot of walking if you want to explore the entire Stone Forest.

Ahem. Testing my flexibility here

 Over-the-Bridge Rice Noodle again for lunch

This is also Over-the-Bridge Rice Noodle

After our lunch, we went to Jiuxiang Scenic Area. This scenic area consists of a few scenic spot.
 The gigantic cave and this is just a small part of it.

 Do you like flowers? I do!!!

 The colourful cave and the doggy footprints

 The twin waterfall

Dunno how to describe this

Okay, till then cuz I am sleepy now. To be continued.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kungfu Panda - My 3rd Toastmaster speech

This is my 3rd speech under the Toastmaster Competent Communication Manual. I am so happy that I finally delivered this speech yesterday after procrastinating for almost a year. I wasn't well prepared and was pretty nervous during my delivery but I am still so happy that I DID it. It's just so hard for me to put together a speech. The title of my speech is "Kungfu Panda" based on the animated film and it's a very meaningful movie. So, though you can't see me delivering this speech in person but here's my script.

Title: “Kungfu Panda”

How many of you love to watch computer-animated film?
I am a great fan and my favourite film is the “Kungfu Panda”
Imagine my excitement when watching the film as besides being a fan of animated film, I am also a big fan of martial art.

Let me share with you what I’ve learned from watching this film. Kungfu Panda is about an oversize & bumbling panda named Po. Po was an average guy, he doesn’t seem to have any skill and talent and he was just too clumsy. Like me, he is a die-hard fan of kung fu and aspire to become a Kungfu master. His father, however, wants him take over the family noodle shop. To everyone's surprise, Po was chosen as the Dragon Warrior by the grandmaster to protect his village from the evil leopard, Tai Lung

As expected, Po was struggling in his grueling training to become a Dragon Warrior and no one even himself, believe that he could pass the test. His was despise and mocked by others for non-existence of skill. Not only that, his master even admitted, that Po was by far, his worst nightmare for a student.

His master told him, that he has yet to achieve inner peace to become a true Dragon Warrior and there was too much insecurities in him. To find inner peace, one has to undergo pain and suffering such as meditating in a cave without food and water for 50 years.

I can relate to Po as I too, have much insecurity and bad experiences that is holding me back for pursuing my dreams. "Challenging experiences break us all at some point—it breaks our bodies and minds, our hearts and egos. When we put ourselves back together, we find that we are no longer perfectly straight, but rather bent and cracked. Yet it is through these cracks that our authenticity shines. It is by revealing these cracks that we can learn to see and be seen deeply."

Recently, a friend told me that I have the inability to let myself be vulnerable and that I tried too hard to hide my flaws – my low self-esteem, my self-doubt and I was straining for others validation and acceptance. I then realized that to grow and rise, we need to embrace our flaws, our insecurities, our pain and to appreciate ourselves because that is what makes us special and strong. So fella toastmasters and friends, find your inner peace and believe in yourself.

Regardless of where we came from and our life journey to date, a far more important thing is where we are heading now and who we are becoming.” 

In Kungfu Panda, to console the distraught Po, Po’s father reveals his long-kept secret, which is the secret ingredient to his family famous noodle soup. The secret ingredient is…nothing. It means that there wasn’t any secret ingredient! Po was taken by surprise so he asked, "You mean that it’s just plain old noodle soup? You didn’t add some special sauce or something into it?" To which his father laughed and replied, Do not need to. It becomes special when you believe that it is special. Ultimately, Po found that his greatest weakness turns out to be his greatest strengths and with that, he defeated Tai Lung (the evil leopard).

The soothsayer in Kungfu Panda said “Your story may not have a happy beginning, but that doesn’t make who you are. It’s the rest of your story, who you choose to be. So, who are you and what do you choose to be?

Note: My evaluator didn't like my speech as I didn't meet the speech objective which is to "Get to the point". My evaluation is as below as you can see.
Haihs..this is so difficult but I'll try harder next time! Go! Go! Go!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to look like Cheon Song Yi from My Love from the Star

This has to be the hottest Korean drama since Dream High. 

In this drama, Cheon Song Yi is a top Hallyu star who looks tough and mean on the outside but is actually very fragile and lonely. 

Started as child star, Song Yi was scarred and bitter when she unintentionally saw her divorced parents fighting over her custody (as she was the breadwinner of the family). Her father left them and never saw her again as he was too shameful to face Song Yi. 

If you wish to watch this movie, you can do it here:

But if you wish to get the fashion review or some tips on how to look like the fashionista Cheong Song Yi, read on. ;)

(Note that I only pick items that suits our tropical climate weather and for commoners like us. Yes, you are welcome! :P)  

1. Statement sunglasses (bold and attention grabbing design) 

My Suggestion:

Retro Punk Round Sunglasses

2. Snoopy tops

My Suggestion:

3. White sweater top

4. Black T-shirt


5. Intensely colored & plump lips, which is her most distinct feature

My suggestion: 

Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick

6. Skinny Jeans

My suggestion:

Hope you like this post and do share your ootd if you are trying out her style. Drop a comment!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why I became a volunteer / famine advocate

Let me start by telling you WHY NOT.

It's NOT because:

  • I have more time than you (same like you, I have 24 hours)
  • I need less sleep (8 hours is my standard)
  • I don't have a job (or in your case, a demanding job. But do not ask me about my previous jobs because it's too complicated)
  • I don't have loved ones that I spent time with (I will drag them all to the 30-hour famine whether they like it or not, that's how we spent time together)
  • I don't have chores (I need to wash the toilet, laundry, bath the cat, kill the mosquitos, and other daughter, sister, daughter-in-law,  and wifely duties)
  • I don't have any friends (I have, though I only have a handful of good friends. But but I have made so many friends after being a Famine Advocate/volunteer)
  • I don't have children (Yes, I don't but we have 3 sponsored child, I wrote and send gifts to them every year and their sponsorship costs us RM65/mo x 3. My mom who is retired share the sponsorship too. Though I know RM65/month is probably how much you spent in Anmum and Nestum and I dunno what..)
  • I have more money than you (I don't, you are richer, wanna compare bank account and salary slip?)
  • I have a rich mom, husband, secret lovers, granny left a lot of $$ for me (Well, let just say that we are in the medium income family and my granny left me a Singer brand sewing machine)
  • I don't have liability (I have a car, a house, a brother, a few unidentified samans, car repairs, I need to drink Starbucks and buy Vincci shoes, sometimes Gucci, etc etc)
  • I don't have stress (I do, and I am the most bipolar person that you know. Do not try to pull my plug ok?)
  • I strike the lottery? (I wish so!)
So why the heck that I can find time to volunteer? Maybe it's passion and making the effort? :) Or maybe life is short and if I am not going to do it now, when the heck am I going to do it? Definately not going to wait till when my legs are wobbly, my face is wrinkly, and bladder is losey and I am cranky)

Can you forgive me?

Can you forgive me? Forgive what you may say?

In movies/dramas, there will always be the emperor’s women asking the emperor, if I did something that is very wrong, would you forgive me? Of course, every single time, without fail,  the wife or mother will be forgiven, but at a price. The smarter ones will even get a forgiveness passport so that no one can sentence them to death or to prison.

If you were to look at the person next to you, your boss, your friend, your colleague and ask the same. What is the answer going to be?

"You siao ah? Don’t you dare, I will keel you!!!"

The only person who can possibly forgive you without plotting a revenge, has to be your parent or your other half. Right? (To my only mom & hubby, I lup you long long and deep deep for loving who I was, who I am now and and for forgiving all my madness)

Why is this so different? Why can your loved ones forgive you and other couldn’t? The answer is very simple. It’s because they are not YOUR MOTHER. Period.

Or are there anyone here who has a bff and you know that she would not leave you no matter how an arse hole that you have been?

I used to have a good friend. Good enough that we would share our exam answer sheets as he sits just behind me everytime, because we had the same alphabet in our surname. Now you know why we both have good & similar grades. If we are both awful at the same subject, then it will be you die, I die (too).

The things that we done together was so fun and unforgettable.

We have been to the scariest haunted house in KL,

We have skipped tuition classes and got robbed before

(Fun is an understatement)

We have waited 2 hours for a bus that never came, and he almost throws me in the big drain for suggesting that we took the bus.

We would blow water at the mamak stall till 2am with no specific topic. I can’t even remember what we have talked about but we would have mamak session once a week for a few years. He was like my big brother.

Man, I don't know about you, but I miss the 10 years when you are part in the picture. (It's not that we have a lot of 10 years in our life right?)

It was 4 years ago then when I did something really stupid that that broke our friendship of 10 years. We have never spoken since.

I couldn’t even invite him to my wedding though I would love to.

I couldn’t attend this father funeral even though I wanted to.  A part of me die inside.

Let’s us ask ourselves, are we so great and noble that cannot forgive others for their mistakes because we never did any ourselves?

Do they deserve your forgiveness if they have said sorry?

Would you like things to be what it used to be? Was our friendship so superficial that we cannot stand the test?

I am sorry for what I did. I was wrong.

But I do not have an answer or explanation to what I did that will lessen your anger. What is done is done and I couldn't reverse it.

I guess that I will just bring this regret to my coffin. But I hope that we can see each other eye to eye again soon. I would also like to thank you for being who you are. I've learnt hard and well and when life gives you lemon, you make a lemonade. When 1 good friend is lost, you make 10 more. We just have to learn how to say bye bye, like Mariah.

#veryemopost. #Iusedtohaveabrotherandfriend #byebye

Do you have similar experience like this? Please leave a comment if you feel the same.

The lyric version:-

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's go to the Dusun, Negeri Sembilan!!!

It's obvious that I haven't be doing some serious blogging lately since my Laneige contest entry.

But as I am desperate for a holiday, I am gonna sell my soul and review about this getaway called the Dusun which I wanted to go badly. (Badly is an understatement)

Tadah!!! Here's the photo of the Dusun (translated to orchard in Malay) which I am talking about.

Why am I showing another 3 getaways? It's because Seeties is rolling out this awesome Getaway Treat Campaign called Outdoors and Beautiful which allows people like me and you a chance to win!! And's not one or two getaways to be given away, but 10, sepuluh for you lucky ones and myself of course (Lady luck, come to me please!!!)

Why did I chose the Dusun? 

Well, as an avid traveller (having traveled numerous times covering 15 countries, 30 cities, blah blah - I am joking, you geddit right? right?), I am the most picky on the destination. Period.

I don't waste my time and money going to places with no value or interest.

Pool and dining patio look over the jungle reserve, The Dusun
Does this view looks like no value or interest to you? Not to me.

Berembun House

Berembun House
Enough space for you to jump around when you wake up to the mountainous forest view.

The Dusun
If you are still not sold, I don't know what is wrong with you.

Bath room of the Perling House, The Dusun
Once in a while, it is great to have some birds to see you naked. :D

The waterfall after an hour trek into the jungle from The Dusun

One of the two pools. In the background is the Perling House
Do you fancy a swim?

Maybe I should apply for a job at this paradise. Maybe they will let me sweep the leaves, branches or to clean their pool if I tell them that I have a degree in e-Commerce.

Most importantly, this is really important, I am dead serious, is the STRATEGIC location of this place. It's just precisely 1 hour 15 mins south of KL. *Throw confetti* (can save petrol)

The Dusun
Pantai New Village
Negeri Sembilan

For the faint-hearted, you do not want to know the price of renting this place. Good things doesn't come cheap. See the rates for yourself:

Great, you are still reading cause you didn't get a heart attack and still breathing.

The kitchen
The good news is the Dusun comes with cooking facilities so that you can cook your heart out. (can save money from eating out too)

If you are poor like me, you can try your luck and enter the Seeties contest, more info here:


Woohoo, I am packing my bag already.
Sunnies, bikini, books & magazines check!
And I need to think on what ingredients to buy for the cooking part. This will be the hardest.

Bye bye!
Hope you will pick me!

Am I Ever Gonna Be a Popular Blogger? (i.e. popular enough to earn a living)

Here's my Nuffnang earning after 3 years + (I started in year 2010)

So the answer is most probably not (in this life). *pull hair*

P/S: If you do not hate my blog, please click the ads so that I can survive. :P

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Getting a tattoo for first-timers

For some funny reason, I am just extremely attracted to tattoos. 

I do not fancy most people's tattoos though - especially those that seems to be done carelessly, without much thoughts, doesn't represent anything, taken out from the tattoo shop catalogs, screaming for attention, not pleasing to the eyes or just ugly.

To me, tattoo is something that it is really personal, something that you will cherish for the rest of your whole life (and you only got one).

Getting a tattoo shouldn't be taken as lightly as getting a henna tattoo, and not even as lightly as getting your first boy friend or whatever milestone that you have set.

For me, I think I am mostly a 3-min heat person, BUT my 3 minutes are usually pretty intense it usually lasted for 4 mins but sometimes, can stretch for a decade. I would thought that I am the type of person who will get a tattoo recklessly, and then regret it the first 5 min when the tattoo artist is drilling and injecting PERMANENT ink into my skin. Luckily, I surprised myself. The first time I saw my finished tattoo, it's like so unbelievably amazing and beautiful, like the works of Michelangelo. It just give me a burst of happy emotions and YESSS, I love it so so much, and that I am 99.9% certain that I would not regret it FOREVER! 

Now, let's talk about the pain shall we? For me, it was so unbearable and intense that I swore to myself that I am never ever gonna get the next tattoo, not even 10 years later, not even going to touch up. Mind you that my tattoo was actually a mini one that does not take more than 30 minute to finish. But it's 30 minutes's almost the same time needed for some ladies to give birth.

I did mine above my butt crack so that I won't regret it much because I won't be able to see it most of the time. Unless I deliberately turn my back to a mirror. As I am also very conscious of my little muffins top spilling out my jeans, I do not wear a crop top that will expose my mid section. So I am safe like that. #delusional

The only time when some unfortunate strangers get a glimpse of my tattoo is when I am in my bikini or when I am doing yoga with all the crazy poses.

So what I am trying to say here, don't be crazy and do something that you will regret like a BIG ugly tattoo in places that the whole world can see BUT prefer not too, including your future boss or in-laws. Well, for me, my mother in law, albeit 80 years old, saw my tattoo, and every one or a few months, she will exclaim: Waaa, your cartoon still not faded yet. 

“Regrets are ridiculous, so I don't regret, no.” - Nicole Kidman

(Note that Nicole doesn't have a tattoo)

P/S: Yes, and about the dogma of addiction to tattoos, that generally people can't stop themselves for getting more and more tattoos, that should be your least worries because it doesn't happen to me :P (Not sure about you...). Bye bye! Yes, you are welcome.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A story about a leech

Since I have been too lazy to blog, I am just gonna post a short story this time to keep my readers happy, or pissed off (assuming if I do have some readers).

This story was inspired by someone really close to me.

Once upon a time, there was a kind and beautiful women in an unknown kingdom. However, fate was not on her side when she gave birth to a leech instead of a human boy. Her heartless husband and the father of the leech left them not long after. Nevertheless, she showered Leech with love and care and gave him everything that she could afford by working non-stop day and night. Leech become strong and huge and turns into a real man when he was 25 years old. He even got married and have a son, wtf. The women, now old and retired was overjoy to see her only son turning into a real man and having a family on his own. Alas! The son was ungrateful, treat the women poorly and take advantage of his old mom in many unspeakable ways.

What should be the ending of this story? Please share your thoughts and drop me your comments! =)
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