Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Find your perfect domain with Panabee

I have been blogging about foods and travel mostly and so, I am gonna attempt to write a tech post today. ;)

Why is Panabee so good?

It suggests to you a more relevant .com domain that you would have wanted. For example, you wanted a domain for your bidding mart and there are probably a few thousand if not million domains which contain the word "Bid". So, you probably think of Obviously, such domain would have been taken ages ago.

So you try the normal registar site, and they would normally ask you to register for .biz, .info, .cc or whatnot which you do not want. But with Panabee, when I do a search with, they will brilliantly show me the following alternatives:


So cool right?

They will also show you similiar domain name which have already been taken, probably so that you know what have been taken in the market.
Wait, that is not all. If you have decided on your domain, Panabee will be directing you to which only costs $7.49 a year!

And guess who is the ambassador of It's the cute and beautiful ELLA KOON!

59166_bkg_ek 2

Here's the screenshot of Panabee for my search result:


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moon House Desserts @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs' Park

Dessert shops are mushrooming in Kuchai Entrepreneurs' Park. Within the last one year or so, we've got Snowflake, My Honeymoon Dessert, Sweet Hut (which I have covered before), Moon House, Hong Kong Desserts and Dimple Desserts House. Yeah, so altogether 6 dessert shops cramped in Kuchai Entrepreneurs' Park. Today, I am gonna blog about Moon House which I recently visited for 2 days in a row.

Their signboard

Their interior:

Colourful & cozy

Their sofa seat looks comfy

On the first visit, I went with Roy and it was pretty late so we only ordered this.

Mixed fresh fruits with sweet fettucini RM9.90
With so many colours, this was an  eye candy.
The sweet fettucini is shaped like flat noodle and you eat it with a chopstick. It 's very smooth and you can slurp on it, but at RM9.90 I think it is quite pricey.

Here's a glimpse of their menu:


We ordered a lot more on our 2nd visit since they were 4 of us.

Glutinous rice balls with peanut and sesame filling @ RM6.50
The glutinous skin is really soft and it has a strong aroma of peanut and sesame - nice!

Steamed egg with Hokkaido milk @ RM5.50
Steamed egg is my favourite and it's a recipe that couldn't go wrong. No idea why they said Hokkaido milk, it just taste like the average steamed egg to me.
They also have steamed egg with sesame which I wanted to try but it was out of stock. According to the staff, this is a popular choice and the taste is unique, so I am looking forward to try it another time.

Caramel Pudding @ RM4.90
I am glad that their caramel pudding portion is quite big as compare to the average.

Peanut paste with glutinous rice ball @ RM6.50
The peanut paste is smooth and aromatic and it wasn't too sweet the way I preferred.

Overall, I think their dessert is up to standard and I will definately come back again when my sweet tooth is calling.

Food Ranking : 4/5
Environment: 4/5
Price: Reasonable.
Overall Rating: 4/5

Address/Direction: It is the same row as the famous Win Soon Fish Head at Jalan Kuchai Maju 9 @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs' Park 

Link on Foursquare:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sekeping Serendah Retreat

After months of advance booking (It's about 5 months to be exact - see below), we finally get to go Sekeping Serendah :D Yes, it is that difficult to book because they only have 2 glass sheds and their bookings are very full.


On our way to Serendah, we spotted this durian stall by the street and decided to return afterwards to satisfy our crave for durians.

Durian & Me

Yummy durian kampung

Some cooling cendol ice after durian

rojak and chiling coconut

We had laksa too, but it was lousy though



After getting our tummy full, we visited a temple at Rawang and a waterfall nearby.

Now, back to Sekeping Serendah:

Our two-storey glass shed

Some wooden structure at our foyer
The road leading to our shed

The track leading to the pool. We decided to skip the pool cuz
the pool was tiny and most of the time dominated by a bunch of rowdy guests. -___-

Me at our foyer cum BBQ area

Our kitchen area

Our open-air toilet

Our bathroom

Me, Angel and Jacky @ our living area

Me again

We have an exit door from our 2nd floor

Roy posing for the camera

A happy Jacky

Me reading a book at our foyer

A very steep stairs leading to the 2nd floor

Our bed =)

View from the 2nd storey
Can you see the round silver dish? That's our BBQ pit

Other shed

Unexpected guest
This unique bug crawled at our door and we were totally amazed

We were playing Monopoly Deal most of the time XD

At night, it was BBQ time!
From left - Roy, James the birthday boy, Me, Shirley, Angel and Jacky

Can't recall why I am laughing so hard >_<

The next morning.

Breakfast time

We had nasi lemak which the Serendah caretaker tarpau-ed for us

Can you see the amount of fat and skin on the right? Totally gross.....
According to my mom, this must be the kampung chicken because our normal farm chicken was injected and don't have this much of fat.
Most probably it's really kampung chicken because Serendah was surrounded with the orang asli people village.

One last picture of us before we depart

Last but not least, I think I should mention that there is no TV and phone signal here. So we were totally
back to basic for these two days. No annoying calls, no facebooking, no tweeting. :)

To summarize, I think it was a good back-to-nature retreat and we had loads of fun. =)
For more info on Sekeping Serendah, you can visit their website at

Lan Je Steamed Fish Restaurant @ Rawang

Before going back to KL from our Sekeping Serendah retreat, we headed to the famous Lan Je Restaurant at Rawang for lunch.

Lan Je

We were sweating bucket there cuz it's really hot in the afternoon.

Choi Tam

The famous Lan Je's steamed fish

We ordered 3 fish for the 6 of us. You can choose if you want small or big size fish, spicy, or non spicy. We chose the big fish. It's also common to order one fish for each person.

Ku loh Chicken.
This is so-so only and the chicken texture is quite chewy, I would preferred more crispy texture.
Sing Kong Taufu

Kung Po Cuttlefish

The gang
 It's always fun to hang out with my best friends no matter where we are :)

The total price for the 6 of us is RM120++ which is quite cheap I think.

Lan Je @ Rawang's address:
27-28, Block C, Jalan Rawang
Gerai MPS, Batu 16

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