Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ The Garden

I love Yuzu!

Everything about Yuzu is excellent, from their ambiance, service, taste, food and everything.

I've notice that even their ladies staff are particularly well-groomed with make ups that can beat an air stewardess.

Roy sipping ocha @ Yuzu

 I had wagyu set while Roy ordered salmon belly and pizza for himself.
It was really impressive on the amount of details that they put in. For example, check out the curtain in this photo above, their staff actually took like 10 minutes to fold this curtain so that each fold is of the same size!

Wagyu set @ RM65

I was a bit disappointed because it doesn't have that melt in your mouth sensation.
Previously, I have ordered their wagyu set which it is cut in cube size which is really good.
I guess wagyu taste much better if they are thicker or in cube shape. This set comes with chawanmushi, miso soup, salad, and fruits.
Salmon Belly @ RM65
omg, this is really good, paired with salmon roe and their special sauce, it's a dish made from heaven!

Yuzu vege pizza @ RM35. Nice but nothing much to shout about.

 This is the best part. Dessert and it's complimentary!
I used to come with a friend who knows their chef and their dessert is always a surprise cause it's different everytime. :))

Since I came with Roy this time, I had to buay pai seh and ask their captain if we can get the dessert :P

 Strawberry cut in rose shape - I've never seen such pretty dessert before :)

The entrance of Yuzu

Hehe,Roy had to take this big & hideous orangy bag cause we want to cut the use plastic bags.

So here's the damage:

Ok, That's all from now. Bye!

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