Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lin Dan's tattoos explained

Lin Dan has five tattoos. I am always fascinated with tattoos and hence this post.

 1. "Until the end of world" tattooed on his right upper hand, which is also the name of his autobiography. He said in his book. "Those splendid days when we (Lin Dan & his wife) fought together did exist, and the memories we shared shall continue, until the end of the world." Awwww...he is so romantic.

 2. a mirror-imaged of "FF" tattooed on his right arm, which are the capital letters of his wife nickname. Here's the video interview of him explaining the tattoo.

 4. Five stars tattooed on his left forearm. He said that each stars represents the major titles he has won in his badminton career.

5. His initials LD tattooed on the back of his neck. (can't find any photo of this though).

I wonder if he is gonna get more tattoos after this. Or maybe he has some not visible tattoos too ;).

He definitely looks more hunky now with all the new tattoos and a tan. Do you prefer his previous boyish look or the current one? Enjoy these photos!

Lin Dan and his beautiful wife, Xie XingFang pose for Men's Health magazine.






An older photo of Lin Dan and wife

His tattoos

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