Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Malaysia Online Florist Review

I have been shopping around for fresh flowers online and since I am a picky person, I have been searching high and low for the cheapest and best florist in Malaysia.
So I hope that this review will be really useful for those who wants to order flowers online.

I have also selected my favourite bouquets from each shop with the budget of RM150 so that it's more easy to compare.

1) Blooming.com.my

I think they are the most advertised online florist.

Description: 10 Mixed daisies in a Hand Bouquet 
My opinion: The colours are such a fun and happy combination!

Design: 2.5/5 Mainstream and conservative. Colours are too brash
Price: 2.5/5 Expensive. The cheapest grand opening bouquet starts from RM150
Delivery fees: 
Free Delivery for PJ, Subang, Puchong & KL/Shah Alam (selected areas)
Others: RM30 & Above
Delivery Area: International

2) Fareastflora.com.my

Actually, it's so difficult to pick a favourite because they have so many pretty designs.

Strawberries & Cream

Description: 12 roses 3 gerberas (RM129.90 / Sale Price: RM110.42)

My opinion: This is my top favourite! The arrange is soooo pretty and romantic. I will fall for any guy if they send me this. Yes, it's really this easy to win my heart. Lol

Fluffy & Sweet
 Description: Centerpink gerberas, champagne eustomas and magenta carnation sprays with Lambert the Lamb. 
 My opinion:
A simple yet very pretty design. The fluffy lamb melts my heart! and Eustomas is my favourite flower.

Design: 4.5/5 Modern & super pretty and they have cute decor items such as princess tiara, fleeced soft toys, etc.
Price: 4/5 Value for money. 
Delivery fees: 
Free Delivery for KL & PJ (selected areas)
Others: RM30 & Above
Delivery Area:  International

3) Noel.com.my


Description: 9" aluminium baby girl pram balloon with floral basket
 My opinion: The pram balloon is really cute and flowers combination is so pastel-ly and sweet.

Brilliance Success

Description: not provided on their website
From what I can see, it has 10 stalk of Gerbera, 3 balloons and others that I can't identified. :P
My opinion:
For congratulatory floral, this is one of the best design for this price that I have seen so far.

With Love
Description: not provided on their website

My opinion:
I really didn't expect that Condolences flower can be so pretty. The heart shape message is nice too, I wonder if it's a balloon or a cardboard.


Description: not provided on their website

My opinion:
Very summery and sunny, makes me happy

Design: 4/5 Modern & Chic
Price: 4/5 Reasonable
Delivery fees: 
Free Delivery for KL PJ (selected areas)
Others: RM15 & Above
Delivery Area: Peninsular Malaysia

Update: I just ordered from them and their service is remarkable. I called them around 11am and they were able to deliver on the same day between 6-7pm. I just need to let them know which design I want and pay them via credit and everything was done on the phone, so easy!

4) Lkflorist.com

Description: A set of Yellow Gerberas with local fillers of white peacocks and button green pom.
My opinion: This is the cheapest that I can find online that has a nice design. These flower basket are suitable for Grand Opening function too.

Description: A set of Red Gerberas with imported fillers of purple static.
My opinion: Lovely design. The two pink ribbons steal my heart! I would request for the florist to change the Gerberas into pink though.

Design: 3/5 Not bad
Price: 4/5 Cheap
Delivery fees: 
Free Delivery for KL, PJ, Shah Alam (selected areas)
Others: RM15 & Above
Delivery Area: Limited. Klang Valley & Selangor only

5) Pureseed.com.my

Description: A nicely done Grand Opening Stand with Gerbera as main flower
My opinion: Lovely and the design is modern. Their Opening Stand price starts from RM180 so I think it is a bit expensive as compared to Noel.

Nicely done flower basket with a mixture of Roses and Eustoma, accompany with some greens. 
~ 20 Roses and 20 Eustomas ~
My opinion:Very elegant and romantic

A nicely done new born gift package comprises of a flower basket with Roses, and Eustoma as main flower, accompany with some baby breath and greens, together with 1 soft-toy.
~ 10 Roses, 15 Eustomas ~
 My opinion: I would wish for this bouquet when it's my turn :). The toy is a practical gift too.

A well designed flower basket arrangement with Eustoma and Roses as main flower in a nice basket, together with some statice, berries and greens .
~ 5 Eustoma,10 Roses  ~
My opinion: Super love the combination of white and pink roses, eutomas berries and statice which looks great together.

Design: 4/5 Very elegant and tasteful with plenty of choices.
Price: 3/5 Slightly expensive
Delivery fees: 
Free Delivery for selected area
Others: RM10 - RM80
Delivery Area: Limited. Klang Valley only

My Conclusion:
Blooming.com.my: Forget it, they failed miserably in comparison.
Noel: For grand opening stand, I think Noel has the best design and price. I like their other occassion flower designs too.
FarEastFlora: They are my top choice for their very pretty design.
LK Florist: I think they are among the cheapest florist in Malaysia and has decent designs too.
Pureseed: Plenty of choices, tasteful design but slightly expensive

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