Thursday, May 30, 2013

Laneige K-Beauty: Being Transformed!

Over the years, I am slowly catching up with age and I wouldn't face the world now with a bare face like I used to when I was in my twenties.

In my frantic attempt to look youthful, I have tried many many things and it had costs me a lot of time, sweat and money (and luckily no blood yet).
As I am a great fan of K-pop and Korean drama, I always wanted to look like those Korean celebrities who have flawless and bouncy skin.

For example, like the 32-year-old Song Hye Kyo (she is just one year younger than me. T___T):

Song Hye-Kyo is a top-lined Korean model and actress.
She is the epitome of natural beauty with clear and clarified skin

I used to think that celebrities like her must have some kind of supernatural power to look so perfect. Then, when I started reading Korean/Japanese beauty magazine, I was like, WHYYYY DIDN'T I LEARN ALL THESE BEAUTY TIPS EARLIER??!

It's really fine as I have only missed my golden TWENTIES looking like a plain Jane with dull, uneven and tired skin. T____T *punch pillows and throw flower pots down the balcony*

This was how I look 10 years ago (I was 23) when BB cream was non-existence:

My skin was dull & dark and I looked 10 years older T_T
(I am the ugly one on the right in case you can't recognise me.)

Can you believe that the trick is just to apply BB cream? It's almost magical because with a good BB cream, you can bounce around all day with almost no make up and still look like you are a natural beauty.

My first experience with BB cream was trying on all the testers at Watsons and Guardian. I was overwhelmed with choices and ended up with an unknown brand because it said that it is made in Korea. Haha, you would have guessed that I didn't look like Song Hye Kyo after that.

As my skin gets tanned very easily, I have been hunting for a good sunscreen that I can wear daily without looking greasy. One day, as if my prayers were answered, my mom gave me a Laneige Snow BB Cream SPF41 PA++! 

My love & saviour!

My life has been transformed since that day. 

This is how I look recently after applying Laneige Snow BB Cream:

My skin is much fairer now with the UV protection that I have been getting from Laneige BB cream.  

Yes, I still don't look like Song Hye Kyo but I think I look 100% better now than I looked before. :P

Here's my before and after look:
Dull and Uneven tone VS. Fresh and Young

Note that the after face is pumped up and more firm

My complete look 
I didn't even put on blusher and lipstick, it's just the magic of BB cream and some concealer.

Here are the EIGHT reasons why Laneige Snow BB Cream is my favourite make-up:

 It instantly lighten up my dull skin and give me healthy and dewy look

 It's anti-wrinkle

 It contains moisture essence which keeps my skin hydrated all day

 It has really good sun screen with SPF41 PA++. I hardly get tanned nowadays even after frolicking all day under the hot sun!

 Triple functions of whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection ALL in one!

 It gives a nice coverage for my skin to cover all the imperfections

 It feels really light on the skin

 It's non-greasy 

Here's the main ingredients of Laneige Snow BB Cream:

The light and smooth texture of Laneige Snow BB Cream:

Out of all the benefits above, the one that I love the MOST is the Healthy & DEWY look. I don't look like I have put on too much make up and it covers most of my imperfections - my dark eye circles, my uneven skin tone, my dull skin and my dark spotsIt's moisturizing essence is also perfect because it will PUMP up your skin so that it's more bouncy and less saggy and dry. Now I am wearing a lot less make up than I used to because I love looking natural and fresh with my Laneige BB Snow BB Cream. 

However, if you are looking for heavy coverage, I would say that this is not for you. Laneige Snow BB Cream will give a light and dewy texture instead of a thick and heavy texture.

My K-Beauty look..Haha 

I LOVE you Laneige Snow BB Cream, you have really transformed my life!! I am more youthful and confident now than I did 10 years ago. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dedicated to my mother & brother

I shared this story with the students when I was speaking at HELP University last Wednesday.

“When I was 5 years old, I thought that my family is really poor as my mom was working all the time and I only had one Barbie doll while my best friend has so many of them.
She has so many barbies, ken barbie, a barbie house, all the fancy barbie clothes, a maid and a pet too. That year, my best friend has a baby brother too, so I told my mom that I was lonely and wanted a baby brother.
And 3 years later, my baby brother was born, and I thought that it was the best present that I had in my life. Since my mom is working all the time, she bought me a lot of toys to play with, those that we bought at pasar malam. Sometimes, I would cry and cry until she bought it for me.
Lucky for her, I have never heard of toy r us then.
And I still grow up thinking that we are very poor as I had to help with the house work while my friends have maid. I also had to walk to tuition while my friend’s mom would fetch them.  When I was in primary 5, I still have one miserable Barbie doll, and she has no clothes to change.
I started working so that I can buy more Barbie Dolls. I was that desperate. I would walk about 5 km after school to a walk up apartment and sweep the floors and my friend’s father would give me RM15 each time. That was my happiest moment.”

To be continued... 

Sharing with you my favourite song:
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