Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My new Samsung Galaxy Note II

After waiting for 2 millions 3 thousands 500 hundreds 10 years and 20 days, I finally got a new phone to replace my trusty old iPhone 3G!!! It's a Galaxy Note II *confetti in the air* Sorry iPhone, you have been good but iPhone 5, Y U NO big big screen? So this is my main reason of switching to Samsung and I have been very happy with it! :D

But it has been making me very busy though...

What I have been doing with my Note II:

1) Cam-whoring, of course

After all, this is my first phone with a front facing camera.

2) Whatsapp-ing - it's a lot of fun now with meme

 3) Taking photos

4) Editing photos

Adding photo frames
 with Line Camera

My mother-in-law before & after - she loves the after photo!
with Camera360

My Kitty
with PicSay
5) Doing Make-up

with Makeup by Modiface. 
LOL...I know I know. I look hideous here. 
I think this app is just for good fun instead of really making you pretty.

 My 2nd try.
Aaahhh... much better...

6) Talking with my other cat

with Talking Ginger
Cannot tahan..he is sooo.. cute and fluffy

Ohh..last but not least, this camera has amazing battery life. After playing with using it all day, it still can last till I doze off.

Japanese BBQ at Taman Desa

For my mom's birthday, initially I had wanted to bring her to Yuzu at The Garden for a nice Japanese dinner.
As the rain has stopped right before our dinner time, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to go for Japanese BBQ al-fresco style. I asked if she would like to try Japanese BBQ or Yuzu. She chose Japanese BBQ so off we went. It was a good idea too since it was a Friday night and most the places are jam. So going to Japanese BBQ at Taman Desa which is also near our home seems to be perfect (plus it is a lot cheaper for my pocket as compared to Yuzu..hahah)

The Genghis Khan Lamb is cooking on the grill
It comes with a lot of cabbage and it is the only meat dish here which doesn't require barbeque-ing

We ordered mixed vegetables with pork and beef for BBQ-ing.
For BBQ, they only have pork and beef though. So there's no chicken or seafood.
The meat is tender and it's marinated well, not too strong so that it doesn't overshadow the original taste of the meat.
On the bottom right is their special sauce to dip your meat in.

 The birthday girl

Mom seems to be happy with the food. 

Since this place is always crowded, we are lucky to get a place without having to wait.
We had to take the bar table with high stool though.
Since both the table and grill is so tall, we had to stand up in order to grill.
If you look at the bottom right of the picture above, the others will put the grill on a small chair beside the table.
Coming with my mom & hubby is a joy because they will do all the bbq-ing while my job is just to eat and eat. Hahaha..

Slightly charred BBQ pork *drools*

Japanese risotto

 The crowd

Me & mom

For drinks, we ordered green tea and a bottle of Asahi. The price comes to about RM80 plus for the 3 of us. Considering this set up, it wasn't cheap but I would say it's a reasonable price. I will definitely revisit this place especially right after a rainy day.
As for service wise, it's like of a hawker place. So hope you don't expect soft-spoken Japanese girls to be taking your order :P.

Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ
Center Court, Plaza Faber
Jalan Desa Jaya
Taman Desa Off Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur

Direction: Plaza Faber is the row of old shops besides Wisma TM (where TM point is). The stall is in an alley among the shops row somewhere in the middle.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pork place @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong

It was Eugene's birthday and we threw him a surprise birthday celebration at the Pork Place in Puchong.

The menu with hand drawn cover

We ordered this for sharing
The meat is tender and skin is also crispy but the taste is quite bland.
Price: RM60 plus
I didn't know most of the dish name and the prices are from my rough recollection cause hubby threw away the receipt. :(

Nice presentation right?

Baby ribs - not bad, not excellent either.
Price: RM55
This is one of the dish that we were advised to order in advance as they do not keep a lot in stock.

The friendly supervisor (or maybe owner) told us that they use special pork which has less pork smell.  She said even those who doesn't usually eat pork can give it a try.

Pumpkin soup
Price: RM9.90

French vanilla mille crepe cake from Humble Beginning.
I absolutely love this cake for its very rich egg flavour.
I have tried the ones from Indulge and Food Foundry, and I love this the most!

The two moms, baby Sarah and me
Baby Sarah is not interested in having her photo taken. Lol..

Here's the birthday boy (the one in black)
and the lovely balloons from his wife.

The happy Lau's family

 My deep-in-thought face as I was counting the changes 

The guys

The group
I hope you notice the Hello Kitty balloon on the top left. It's from my birthday last month =)
Since I was assigned to get balloons for the birthday boy, I took the opportunity to refill my balloon and took it along to the restaurant. :P

Overall, the food is not bad, and both the service and ambiance is good. But as the restaurant is quite small, it's just a bit awkward when people (mostly children) were looking at us when we were setting up the birthday decor and taking photos.

The Pork Place
31, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 7,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Contact No.: +603 7729 4600
Close on Mondays.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY Vintage Floral Nails

I just tried doing this nail design and I love it so much that I have been admiring and looking over my nails for 2 days already. :P

Vintage Floral Nails #1
Really pretty, don't you think? *self-gloat*

Hmmm...How should I describe it?
Girly yet feminin,
Cute yet intricate,
Vintage yet modern?

Vintage Floral Nails #2

I couldn't decide which colours to use for the roses
so I ended up with three different colours :P.I think I like the pink one the best (ring finger)

 Vintage Floral Nails #3

The nail polish that I used for the base colour and for the leaves
(from left to right)

Etude - BL505 (pastel blue)
Etude - GR605 (pastel green)
Etude - BL504 (midnight blue)

Below's the tutorial on how to do this nail design from Bubzbeauty. It's really simple to do.
Super love her youtube's tutorials because it's all very pretty and simple.

 Other pretty vintage floral nails:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I didn't know about Foie Gras

Today I was happily reading some food blogs on fancy fine dining restaurants and I thought I want to try out foie gras which is a popular, and expensive French delicacy.
I don't think I have tried it before, or maybe I had long time ago but I don't remember.

Then, I came upon a blog which point out the cruelty of farming foie gras. Basically, foie gras is a diseased (read diseased) and enlarged liver of a duck or goose, produced through force feeding. To qualify as foie gras, the poor duck's liver has to be enlarged to a minimum of 300 grams, which is 6 times the size of a healthy duck's liver. Sometimes, the duck's liver is even enlarged to 10 times their natural size.

How do they do that?

Here's what the force-feeder does, everyday for 2-3 times, they will grab the poor and helpless bird, shoves a long, thick tube all the way down his throat and pumps in large amount of food into his system. Each feeding is about 0.45 kilo which should be almost the portion of my heavy dinner, I think. But god, this is a duck which is 1/10 my weight? As if this is not cruel enough, they will add in OIL and water which doubles the food weight mentioned, making it 20-30% of the bird's body weight.

Now imagine if I stuff you with 10kgs of dry corn + water for 3 times/day (assuming if you are 50 kgs, if you are heavier, your portion would have to increase)

and I thought eating shark fin is cruel, but this 100x worst.

Ladies & gentlemen, here's the picture of healthy duck liver and a foie gras. See the big difference? Imagine how the bird would have suffered. Needless to say, a LOT of birds dies over this process.

Picture from PETA
Check out the video below about this cruelty, narrated by Kate Winslet.

Foie Gras, anyone?

Oh between, I always find it fascinating the way foie gras is pronouced - \ˈfwä-ˈgrä\ (Click here to listen)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Attention-seeking cat

Being the only pet in our house aside from our fish, I can understand that Kitty is often bored and loves our attention.

Whenever I go to mom's house, Kitty wants to be carried (like a toddler) and he also wants to play run & hide.

So today, I ignored him and continues to work on my notebook. After a while, I got up to get a drink from the kitchen. This is what happened when I got back.



He just know how to protest right? LOL..

So, I carried him down to the floor but he still wouldn't give up. After a while...


LOL...He's very clingy, sometimes.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cooking & Kapitan Nyonya Curry Chicken Recipe

Well, my ripe age, it's time that I learn how to cook!

I think my cooking experience started when I took my cooking badge back in my girl guide days. Haha..and then it was many many years that I didn't touch the kitchen.  When I had to throw a BBQ party some years back (after a lot of threatening and coaxing from my friends), I was actually quite petrified because I have no idea how to marinate the stuff and most importantly, I don't like to cook. But then I love food so much! So when we had a few potluck parties, I did take the effort to experiment with cooking the dishes that I like. The result wasn't too encouraging or motivating enough for me to try again. Ohh, before I continues, one VERY IMPORTANT thing that I have learnt is some of the recipe on the internet is really crappy, so best is to get your recipe from reputable sources.

Until recently, boredom has got into me and coincidentally  hubby just dig out some old cooking books. So, I am thinking to is not rocket science, what the heck, just give it a try! And I have to say that I am an ambitious person. Lol..

Hence, this is my first attempt for a full course meal.

 ABC soup & Beancurd

Brocolli with prawn & Steamed Emperor Chicken (using A1 brand paste :P)

Tomyam bihun

Overall ratings that I give myself. :P
Taste: 7-8 out of 10
Satisfaction: 8 out of 10
Level of Fatigue: 9.5 out of 10

Since I think I fare well in my first attempt and MIL has been bugging me for the leftover chilies in the fridge, I decided to try out this difficult recipe (for my standard) and I love it!


Curry Chicken, oppa Nyonya-style! 
(Like how you say Gangnam style!)

Here's the recipe:
Note: the red chilies should comes under B category and pounded together with the paste.

Wait a minute, for those like me who probably haven't heard of most of the ingredients above, DO NOT FRET.
The tip is you can get it all from those malay ministore that sells poultry, vegetables, etc.

1. Heat oil in wok, deep-fry potatoes wedges till golden brown in colour. Drain well and set aside.

2. Heat the balance cooking oil again, and stir-fry ingredients B till fragrant. Add in chicken, ingredients C and mix well. Stir-fry it for 10 minutes

3. Add in ingredients D and mix well. Lower down the flame and further simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add in fried potatoes and mix well.

Side notes:
I find that it get burnt easily while simmering in Step 3, so stir often.
In case if you are wondering, bunga kantan is to be finely chopped.
It tooks me more than 2 hours to complete this dish, so good luck to you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ad: How I lose my belly fat with Tripeptide

Do you wonder why your weight just refuse to go down no matter how hard you try? While your skinny friend can eat loads and not gain any weight?

The secret to weight loss: Harmonal Harmony

When you hormones are at their optimal levels, your body functions at peak efficiency:
  • Your metabolism starts jamming'.
  • You look a lot better.
  • Your body maintains a healthy weight without much conscious effort.
  • Your belly flattens.
  • Your skin is clear and radiant; your hair and nails are strong and shiny.
  • Your eyes are bright.
  • Your senses are keen, not dulled
  • You don't suffer from excessive hunger or crazy cravings
  • You get cut and lean.
  • You have energy to burn.
  • You live a longer, healthier life.
 Reference [in italic] : Master your Metabolism by Jilian Michaels (book)

Sounds too good to be true? I've tried it myself and THE RESULT WAS SUPER DUPER AMAZING THAT I CANNOT BELIEVE IT MYSELF!

This was me before:

I was not pregnant, thank you. That's even though I have been going to the gym religiously for 2 times/week (I am not asking you to stop exercising, by all means, please do).

1 week after Tripeptide.........deng deng deng..


If you ask me whether I sucked in my stomach in the photo, my answer is no because I don't have David Copperfield's skill in order to do that.

If this is happening to you:
  • people keep asking you if you are pregnant (when you are not) & it's annoying the hell out of you
  • your whole family is overweight & you think that you are destined to be overweight.
  • you eat like a 16-year-old boy but still constantly hungry
  • you have the overweight syndrome such as: constantly tired, back pain, looking older than your actual age, etc
  • you eat like a mouse and yet, still on the plump side
Most probably your hormones are all screwed up and
Tripeptide is the solution!!!

How Tripeptide works:
* Lose 3-5 kgs in 30 days

* Contribute to body functions such as blood pressure regulation, thyroid function and responsible for regulating the release of hormones. (Remember when I said earlier that balanced hormones or "hormonal harmony" is the secret to weight lost?)
* Create a unique supplement to promote younger skin, reduces wrinkle depth and removes dark age spots.
* Combined with an exclusive traditional Chinese medicine Angelica compound to perpetuate youthful rigor by helping to keep hormone levels up.
* An anti-oxidant that can be critical in protecting healthy cells from radicals in the body.
* A breakthough formulation incorporating Hyaluronic Acid and Silk Peptide, required for the support of skin, nails and hair.

Double Action: Younger looking skin + Weight Loss is ♥♥♥

For more info about Tripeptide softgel, please check out their website & facebook of the official supplier.

Here's the good news. The usual price is RM380/box for 1 month supply but now it's only RM564 for 3 month supply!!! They also deliver to local & international.
Hurry up & grab the offer before it's too late!!

Wish you younger, more beautiful and slimmer!!!

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