Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why I became a volunteer / famine advocate

Let me start by telling you WHY NOT.

It's NOT because:

  • I have more time than you (same like you, I have 24 hours)
  • I need less sleep (8 hours is my standard)
  • I don't have a job (or in your case, a demanding job. But do not ask me about my previous jobs because it's too complicated)
  • I don't have loved ones that I spent time with (I will drag them all to the 30-hour famine whether they like it or not, that's how we spent time together)
  • I don't have chores (I need to wash the toilet, laundry, bath the cat, kill the mosquitos, and other daughter, sister, daughter-in-law,  and wifely duties)
  • I don't have any friends (I have, though I only have a handful of good friends. But but I have made so many friends after being a Famine Advocate/volunteer)
  • I don't have children (Yes, I don't but we have 3 sponsored child, I wrote and send gifts to them every year and their sponsorship costs us RM65/mo x 3. My mom who is retired share the sponsorship too. Though I know RM65/month is probably how much you spent in Anmum and Nestum and I dunno what..)
  • I have more money than you (I don't, you are richer, wanna compare bank account and salary slip?)
  • I have a rich mom, husband, secret lovers, granny left a lot of $$ for me (Well, let just say that we are in the medium income family and my granny left me a Singer brand sewing machine)
  • I don't have liability (I have a car, a house, a brother, a few unidentified samans, car repairs, I need to drink Starbucks and buy Vincci shoes, sometimes Gucci, etc etc)
  • I don't have stress (I do, and I am the most bipolar person that you know. Do not try to pull my plug ok?)
  • I strike the lottery? (I wish so!)
So why the heck that I can find time to volunteer? Maybe it's passion and making the effort? :) Or maybe life is short and if I am not going to do it now, when the heck am I going to do it? Definately not going to wait till when my legs are wobbly, my face is wrinkly, and bladder is losey and I am cranky)

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  1. so touching i want to cry like why your friend like this one? your crime is like u kill someone cannot be forgiven.


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