Sunday, April 6, 2014

Getting a tattoo for first-timers

For some funny reason, I am just extremely attracted to tattoos. 

I do not fancy most people's tattoos though - especially those that seems to be done carelessly, without much thoughts, doesn't represent anything, taken out from the tattoo shop catalogs, screaming for attention, not pleasing to the eyes or just ugly.

To me, tattoo is something that it is really personal, something that you will cherish for the rest of your whole life (and you only got one).

Getting a tattoo shouldn't be taken as lightly as getting a henna tattoo, and not even as lightly as getting your first boy friend or whatever milestone that you have set.

For me, I think I am mostly a 3-min heat person, BUT my 3 minutes are usually pretty intense it usually lasted for 4 mins but sometimes, can stretch for a decade. I would thought that I am the type of person who will get a tattoo recklessly, and then regret it the first 5 min when the tattoo artist is drilling and injecting PERMANENT ink into my skin. Luckily, I surprised myself. The first time I saw my finished tattoo, it's like so unbelievably amazing and beautiful, like the works of Michelangelo. It just give me a burst of happy emotions and YESSS, I love it so so much, and that I am 99.9% certain that I would not regret it FOREVER! 

Now, let's talk about the pain shall we? For me, it was so unbearable and intense that I swore to myself that I am never ever gonna get the next tattoo, not even 10 years later, not even going to touch up. Mind you that my tattoo was actually a mini one that does not take more than 30 minute to finish. But it's 30 minutes's almost the same time needed for some ladies to give birth.

I did mine above my butt crack so that I won't regret it much because I won't be able to see it most of the time. Unless I deliberately turn my back to a mirror. As I am also very conscious of my little muffins top spilling out my jeans, I do not wear a crop top that will expose my mid section. So I am safe like that. #delusional

The only time when some unfortunate strangers get a glimpse of my tattoo is when I am in my bikini or when I am doing yoga with all the crazy poses.

So what I am trying to say here, don't be crazy and do something that you will regret like a BIG ugly tattoo in places that the whole world can see BUT prefer not too, including your future boss or in-laws. Well, for me, my mother in law, albeit 80 years old, saw my tattoo, and every one or a few months, she will exclaim: Waaa, your cartoon still not faded yet. 

“Regrets are ridiculous, so I don't regret, no.” - Nicole Kidman

(Note that Nicole doesn't have a tattoo)

P/S: Yes, and about the dogma of addiction to tattoos, that generally people can't stop themselves for getting more and more tattoos, that should be your least worries because it doesn't happen to me :P (Not sure about you...). Bye bye! Yes, you are welcome.

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