Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's go to the Dusun, Negeri Sembilan!!!

It's obvious that I haven't be doing some serious blogging lately since my Laneige contest entry.

But as I am desperate for a holiday, I am gonna sell my soul and review about this getaway called the Dusun which I wanted to go badly. (Badly is an understatement)

Tadah!!! Here's the photo of the Dusun (translated to orchard in Malay) which I am talking about.

Why am I showing another 3 getaways? It's because Seeties is rolling out this awesome Getaway Treat Campaign called Outdoors and Beautiful which allows people like me and you a chance to win!! And and....it's not one or two getaways to be given away, but 10, sepuluh for you lucky ones and myself of course (Lady luck, come to me please!!!)

Why did I chose the Dusun? 

Well, as an avid traveller (having traveled numerous times covering 15 countries, 30 cities, blah blah - I am joking, you geddit right? right?), I am the most picky on the destination. Period.

I don't waste my time and money going to places with no value or interest.

Pool and dining patio look over the jungle reserve, The Dusun
Does this view looks like no value or interest to you? Not to me.

Berembun House

Berembun House
Enough space for you to jump around when you wake up to the mountainous forest view.

The Dusun
If you are still not sold, I don't know what is wrong with you.

Bath room of the Perling House, The Dusun
Once in a while, it is great to have some birds to see you naked. :D

The waterfall after an hour trek into the jungle from The Dusun

One of the two pools. In the background is the Perling House
Do you fancy a swim?

Maybe I should apply for a job at this paradise. Maybe they will let me sweep the leaves, branches or to clean their pool if I tell them that I have a degree in e-Commerce.

Most importantly, this is really important, I am dead serious, is the STRATEGIC location of this place. It's just precisely 1 hour 15 mins south of KL. *Throw confetti* (can save petrol)

The Dusun
Pantai New Village
Negeri Sembilan
Web: thedusun.com.my

For the faint-hearted, you do not want to know the price of renting this place. Good things doesn't come cheap. See the rates for yourself: http://thedusun.com.my/rates

Great, you are still reading cause you didn't get a heart attack and still breathing.

The kitchen
The good news is the Dusun comes with cooking facilities so that you can cook your heart out. (can save money from eating out too)

If you are poor like me, you can try your luck and enter the Seeties contest, more info here:


Woohoo, I am packing my bag already.
Sunnies, bikini, books & magazines check!
And I need to think on what ingredients to buy for the cooking part. This will be the hardest.

Bye bye!
Hope you will pick me!


  1. The rates are just too high. Would love to spend the weekend there~!



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