Thursday, December 4, 2014

Trip to Kunming / Stone Forest / Jiu Xiang

Day 1

We reached Kunming airport at about 5pm, so by the time we reach our hotel and rest a bit, it's time for dinner and some shopping.

For budget travelers, I would recommend that you stay in Fairyland Hotel (Kundu). Perfect location and super duper cheap. It's about RM100/night inclusive of breakfast. Their breakfast is not bad too.

 First stop is Jian Xin Yuan
We just told our taxi driver for recommendation and he brought us here. You have to queue up infront of their restaurant for them to take your orders. After you made your order and pay, you then proceed inside their restaurant to collect your bowl of noodle.

 Over-the-Bridge Rice Noodle
Trust me, you will be eating this dish everyday.

 This is supposed to be the most famous dish in the restaurant. You have to dip the raw meat in the hot soup to cook it and then follow by the noodle. I don't think their soup was hot enough to cook the meat. However, the meat came out well done surprisingly. Don't bother too much about the layer of oil on your soup, Kunming dishes are very oily, you'll get used to it.

The shopping area

More shopping area

Babi Club in Kundu. Lol
Kundu is full of clubs and you'll be surprised that there are so many people going clubbing on a Monday

 Day 2

We went to Stone Forest which is about 2 hours away from the city. According to our driver cum tour guide, this place is rated as 5-star and a UNESCO listed site. Throughout our trip, we booked a lady driver who brought us to all these long-distance touristy places.

Beautiful, isn't it?

It's a lot of walking if you want to explore the entire Stone Forest.

Ahem. Testing my flexibility here

 Over-the-Bridge Rice Noodle again for lunch

This is also Over-the-Bridge Rice Noodle

After our lunch, we went to Jiuxiang Scenic Area. This scenic area consists of a few scenic spot.
 The gigantic cave and this is just a small part of it.

 Do you like flowers? I do!!!

 The colourful cave and the doggy footprints

 The twin waterfall

Dunno how to describe this

Okay, till then cuz I am sleepy now. To be continued.

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