Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My new Samsung Galaxy Note II

After waiting for 2 millions 3 thousands 500 hundreds 10 years and 20 days, I finally got a new phone to replace my trusty old iPhone 3G!!! It's a Galaxy Note II *confetti in the air* Sorry iPhone, you have been good but iPhone 5, Y U NO big big screen? So this is my main reason of switching to Samsung and I have been very happy with it! :D

But it has been making me very busy though...

What I have been doing with my Note II:

1) Cam-whoring, of course

After all, this is my first phone with a front facing camera.

2) Whatsapp-ing - it's a lot of fun now with meme

 3) Taking photos

4) Editing photos

Adding photo frames
 with Line Camera

My mother-in-law before & after - she loves the after photo!
with Camera360

My Kitty
with PicSay
5) Doing Make-up

with Makeup by Modiface. 
LOL...I know I know. I look hideous here. 
I think this app is just for good fun instead of really making you pretty.

 My 2nd try.
Aaahhh... much better...

6) Talking with my other cat

with Talking Ginger
Cannot tahan..he is sooo.. cute and fluffy

Ohh..last but not least, this camera has amazing battery life. After playing with using it all day, it still can last till I doze off.


  1. u look like pontianak!

  2. Haha..glad u found a phone that suits the 'playful explorer' in you!


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