Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY Vintage Floral Nails

I just tried doing this nail design and I love it so much that I have been admiring and looking over my nails for 2 days already. :P

Vintage Floral Nails #1
Really pretty, don't you think? *self-gloat*

Hmmm...How should I describe it?
Girly yet feminin,
Cute yet intricate,
Vintage yet modern?

Vintage Floral Nails #2

I couldn't decide which colours to use for the roses
so I ended up with three different colours :P.I think I like the pink one the best (ring finger)

 Vintage Floral Nails #3

The nail polish that I used for the base colour and for the leaves
(from left to right)

Etude - BL505 (pastel blue)
Etude - GR605 (pastel green)
Etude - BL504 (midnight blue)

Below's the tutorial on how to do this nail design from Bubzbeauty. It's really simple to do.
Super love her youtube's tutorials because it's all very pretty and simple.

 Other pretty vintage floral nails:

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