Friday, November 2, 2012

Aunty Su XO Fish Head Noodle @ Seri Kembangan

I have never liked fish head noodle until it was made popular by restaurant like Win Soon @ Kuchai Lama, Goon Wah @ Kuchai Lama and the like.

Spotting this newly opened restaurant which is just a stone throw away from my office, I didn't hesitate to try.

Actually the first time when we went, we were turned off because we have been sitting for 10 mins and our table were still uncleared. All the staffs there were just too busy to notice or serve us. After finally able to get the attention of the lady boss, she told us that we might have to wait half an hour for the food.  No thanks and we left.

Since I was determine to try it, we went at 11.30 am the next day (talking about desperate, LOL)
There wasn't many people at this time, as expected. But since we were still full from our breakfast and I doubt if their fish head noodle is good, we ordered a bowl to share between the two of us. 

Luckily it didn't take long for our order to come.

XO Fish Head Noodle (RM12)

I already like it at the sight because it's in claypot (retains heat longer) and using the thick round rice noodle (lai fun) instead of the common thick vermicelli. Their soup is quite unique as it is clear and sourish but it does taste good!

 The varieties of fish head noodles on their menu

 Kampung-style fried rice (RM8) - yum yum =)

The interior

Hong Kong Milk Tea
It is actually quite a common cup of HK milk tea EXCEPT that
it comes with sugar syrup infused with pandan flavour for you to adjust your own sweetness.  Absolutely perfect for those who prefer less sweet like me!

Maybe I will go again next week. =)

Aunty Su 
No. 2-1, Jalan SP2/8
Taman Serdang Perdana, Seksyen 2
43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel: 03-8942 8611



  1. Wow! That's fast! Baru open already reviewed! Not cheap though. :-(

  2. Hi Choong! Yups. Too bad slightly expensive, but worth the try ;)

  3. kinda expensive. if portion can be adjusted to justify d price then might consider to patronise again. certainly hv room for improvements

  4. i found the french sauce chicken chop with rice not bad...n here is difference from other "kopitiam" coz can order tai chow stuffs

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  6. Yeah, totally agreed that the XO fish head noodles is superb yummy and that's also variety of fish head noodles. This restaurant have a lot of comfort foods in the menu especially the hot and fresh made apam balik with nutella and banana, which i never seen in other restaurant. Though kinda expensive but worth of money.

  7. I prefer rice over noodles, so i tried the nasi lemak, guess what, this place serve very similar nasi lemak as the super famous , super packed Village Park in Up Town PJ, the sambal is fragrant and spicey , far much better than the nasi lemak in any kopitiam franchise standard like OT or PPR and it only cost rm11.50 but don't go for the nasi lemak with curry chicken, the rendang chicken is much better , full of fragrance of herbs & spices and you can request for the chicken parts that you prefer.
    Stupid waiters brought me chopsticks to eat with my nasi lemak -.-"'

  8. Wow! Think I wanna try out all the food that u guys recommended - apam balik, nasi lemak & french sauce chicken chop!

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  10. went by the other day and saw that they have revised their menu! I tried their black pepper udon mee and it was peppery with fresh grounded black pepper and it was quite tasty. my friend had the bitter guard fish head noodle and she like it and at RM9.50 the price was ok! the waiters were better trained this time compare to the zombies that had served me and my family in December 2012.. Maybe next time I will try the spaghetti carbonara with chicken bacon and mushroom. Yummmmy?

  11. Just had the Carbonara with chicken bacon and mushroom.

    While the portion is a little average, just enough. The taste is uniquely different, its definitely not some out of the can ready made carbonara Sauce that you just add water and heat up to serve. This has a good mix of garlic, mushroom, pepper, hint of onion and a while lot of creaminess!

    Like I said, the portion is just enough, but probably not enough for BIG eaters.

    Be warned tho, the creamy awesomeness might just get you asking for more than :")

    I definitely would come back to Aunty Su.

    1. I will go and try their carbonara and udon tomorrow! LOL. Thanks for the recommendation!


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