Thursday, July 22, 2010

World Cup 2010

I am never a fan of football but I must say that I have enjoyed every season of World Cup.

Had Korean with my old school friends on the night of the World Cup Final.

Ivan, Hong Wooi and Sharon

Sharon & me

Pat, Hee Mun and Kok Yeong (The soon-to-be mommy & daddy)

The food :

Their side dishes are the best compared to others that I have tried so far.
Side dishes are FOC and it's also FREE to refill. This is why I love Korean food. :D

Side dishes close-up

Marinated beef. Double thumbs up!

Seafood pot. Not nice

Glass noodle. Nice but don't know why this is so expensive comparatively @RM25

World Cup 2010: Things that I enjoyed

1. Waka waka - love the song, the dance and the mtv. Shakira is hot! I just love going to gym during this period as we'll do the waka-waka dance during the zumba class. :D

Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

2. Watching the final. I didn't watch a single match until the final. But then, it is always exciting to join in the shouting with the crowd. :P

I've booked a table at Woodz to watch the final. It' wasn't easy to book for a table cause I was planning to go alone. The waiter (my brother) refused to take any singles reservation :(
initially. After some threatening, I finally got my reservation. :D

Customised reservation label

Taking about history, two seasons ago, WC is a money making season for me as there will be a lot of part-time jobs :P
My part-time jobs = money + being paid to hang out with your friends. :))

This round final wasn't as exciting as both team played lousily. The only excitement is the kungfu kick by the Nets. Hence, I find that my supper is more appealing that anything else:

Woodz's signature mushroom ramen, YUM YUM!

Wedges are good too.

It's cheap. I ordered 100plus campur ribena but they just charged me for 100-plus. :P
The end.



  1. Your customized reservation label is hilarious.... :)

  2. any flashback dining at woodz?? how come u've never recommended mushroom ramen to me? hehe...

  3. Can we have Korean dinner one day pls pls!!


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