Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rojak's Guide to Living Together in Harmony

You wonder a lot...
1. You wonder why your favourite Hello Kitty cup is used as a flower pot. because your mom dented it.

2. You wonder why there are 4-5 indoor slippers around the house and none is yours.
3. You wonder where your favourite Hello Kitty bath towel is. It's on the kitchen floor
4. You wonder why there are an old shirt + red welcome mat + old men's brief on your kitchen floor.

5. You wonder why your car in not where you parked it.
6. You wonder why your cat is using your bowl.
7. You wonder why you are getting a lot of sms-es from strangers enquiring about the missed call that you didn't make.
8. You wonder why you need to refill your fuel tank so frequently when you hardly drive.
9. You wonder why your cat has more cutlery than you.

The perks of living with your family :)) You've got:
1. Someone to take care torture your cat when you are away (with a bribe)
2. Someone to take care of your car and your house when you are away
3. Someone to switch off your tv and stereo when you fell asleep.
4. Someone to tar pau breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper for you.<3
5. Someone to cry together when your cat died.
6. Someone to cry together when you watch soap opera.
7. Someone who never FFK the outings that you've made.
8. Someone to pay your food/credit card/utilities/maintenance fees when you are out of job for X months.
9. Someone who never hold a grunge against you even though you have been a really badass.
10.Someone who will dash back from work to take you to clinic when you need it.
11.Someone to remind you to take your lunch even though you are already X0 years old.
12.Someone to hear your yakking about your latest hobbies and how you like/hate the astro-on-demand dramas.
13.Some to hear your incessant complaints/bitching about the weather, friends, colleagues, bosses, etc etc
14.The list goes on.

If you ask me whether I enjoy living with my family, it's a resounding yes and it will never change. End.



  1. At the end of the day, Home is still where our hearts belong to right?! :)

  2. This does not look like a Guide. More of the pros and cons of living together..


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