Sunday, July 11, 2010

I hate BUSYbody!!!!

Definition of busybody by Rojak's 2010 Dictionary:
  • Self-acclaimed ALWAYS busy at work and BELITTLE other colleagues, but they have time to facebook, blog, have long lunches, paint their finger nails, gossips, BBM with friends, etc etc DURING office hour.
  • Usually are the freaks in the senior exec/middle mgmt level. I do not think that they have the potential to go up to the senior mgmt level due to their "humbleness" and freaky nature unless they sleep with the boss. (Secret thoughts: I would not mind sleeping with the boss if he looks like Donnie Yen and that I am rewarded with 5 digit salary with huge ass BONUS by doing hare-brained 9-5 jobs :P I wish..)
Note: I am not ALWAYs busy and I never BELITTLE others. My favourite past time are listed above BUT it's because I am working for myself now and nobody is offended or affected in the process. End.

Definition of busy by Rojak's 2010 Dictionary:
  1. You started working at 8.30AM daily and you leave office at 8pm and continue working at home till both your mother and cat sleeps
  2. You eat 2 meals a day infront of your laptop. (Eating nasi lemak on your desktop at 9.30AM doesn't count.
  3. You looks like the Cullen's family (pale faced, lack of sleep and food, bad skin, emotionless).
  4. Your best friend is Vitamin B complex, Surbex and Essense of Chicken.
  5. You are usually not popular with your colleagues because they think that you are a workaholic freak. If you are the popular one, it most probably means that you are wasting too much time on mindless chat.
  6. You do not remember how your friends look like cause you haven't been on FB awhile.
  7. You spend most of your time with your clients, bosses, yourself and your project mates. Unnecessary 5-day-a-week happy hour with your boss or non-commission contributors doesn't count. Don't cover up with your so-called networking. CAN YOU JUST BE A MAN AND ADMIT THAT YOU ARE AN ALCOHOLIC OR WOMANISER? (Ooh ohh, you are so busy but you took the time to read my miserable blog, I am so if..)
  8. You missed all your payment due dates cause you are just too fucking busy.
  9. Your family haven't seen you for awhile even though they stay in the same house. The closest person that you get to interact with is your condo security guard and your cat.
  10. You spend more than at least 6 hours working on weekends.
     Well, if you fits at least 3 out of 10 of the above. You are indeed BUSY. End.

    I am gonna end this post my favourite quote:
    Which one is more important? Eating with your family (or wife) or fighting (or working)
    - Donnie Yen in Ipman. 

    P/S: Especially when nobody is depending on you for food and shelter. End


      1. Gee...I'm glad I have never ever labelled myself BUSY so far in my 7 years of working! :)

      2. I wonder if these ppl have the time to shit anot!!! Enough of stupid excuses already..BZ my foot!

      3. Do you know that Jet Li turned down Chow Yun-Fat's role in Crouching Tiger because he promised his wife that he would not make an film during her pregnancy? Enough said

      4. Everyone have a reason to busy with something de. I always told my wife that I am busy thinking of how to earn a million per-day.


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