Friday, October 18, 2013

One week in Sydney - Day 1 & 2

Since I have been to Melbourne, I wasn't too excited to come to Sydney because I thought it would be less exciting than Melbourne. I was so wrong! You'll see why.


My first stop is eh..a sex shop. To clarify, it's just because this shop is right opposite our breakfast place.=P
Even though you are not horny or kinky, you can always visit such shop to marvel and go ohhs and ahhs with the plethora of sex toys that they offer.

@ Risque Adult Boutique, near King Cross Station

Yeah, it's a double-storey sex shop.

After some kinky stuff, it's time for a hearty breakfast!

Sad to say that most coffees in Sydney pale in comparison to the ones in Melbourne. 

Next is the Sydney Tower! 

Absolutely amazing views.

Baby Sara

  Met my sister Elle Macpherson at the entrance of Sydney Tower. 

The Sydney Tower from afar

Sydney Tower
Price: AUS$26 (walk-in), cheaper if you book online

@ Pitt Street, heaven for the shopaholics.

@ Coles supermarket
Super love their juices especially this brand called Nudie. They are very kaw and taste delicious.

Stocked up some fresh fruits and veges. This is important to counter constipation during travelling. =)


Started our day really early in the morning to join the whale watching cruise. If you are a marine life lover, go for it. Otherwise, I guess you won't be impressed and most probably you will get seasick too because the water are choppy.

This is what we saw


what we expected:
The cruise price is AUS$63.95/pax if you are booking online.

After a choppy 3-hour cruise, we were off to the Sydney Fish Market. You must absolutely eat the fresh oysters here, they are super super fresh. Try out the Doyle's fish and chips here too, they are famous. Too bad I don't have a photo.

Cheesy lobster and coke for me
@ Fish Market

@ Fish Market

@ Darling Harbour

 @ Pyrmont Bridge

It was a good hair day! Even after all the crazy wind during our cruise in the morning.

Shopping time! @ Queen Victoria Building
Some said that it is one of the most beautiful mall in the world.

 Sydney is full of colourful snails, like this one. 

Chocolateria San Churro @ Harbourside Shopping Centre
Not very nice but can try.

Amazing night view of the harbour 
@ Hurricane's Grill, Harbourside Shopping Centre

 Their famous pork rib @ Hurricane's Grill, Harbourside Shopping Centre
You should wear a really loose pant if you intend to finish this on your own.

Tips: Remember to make a booking if you wanna come here because it's very full. 

Lovely night view @ Darling Harbour

Saw a mickey mouse at the train station.

My loots for the day. About AUS$5-7 each because they are on sale. =)

So that's all for my Day 1 and 2 in Sydney. Stay tuned for more!

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