Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Insomnia is the mother of all sufferings

Before I hit the sack, it's 5.26am, 23 Oct 2013. I haven't sleep a wink yet though I was trying very hard to.

How did I spent this whole night?

You could ask my mom, my husband and my cat. Oh, my cat is still awake with me. Thanks god. Just fed the cat his breakfast. Will try to sleep now.

Fuck Duck is my new buzz word. Geddit?

Being a veteran insomnia queen, here are so useful tips for you on how to spend long sleepless hours (if you have insomnia and just want to stay awake at night for whatever reason)

Top 10 Tips For Insomnia (How to spend your lonely, sleepless night)

1. Write a blog
2. Clean up your email
3. Deactivate your Facebook notifications if you have been receiving notifications from friends on Farmville, and other annoying games that you do not want to play.
4. Do some housekeeping
5. Mop the floor
6. Clean your dressing table
7. Think about your future
8. Plan your next holiday
9. Go through your calendar for important appointments and dates
10. Go read somebody's blog such as

Okay, that's all for now. Hope you have learnt something.

Good night or Good morning. (Don't pull your hairs if you are reading this, :P Well, it's time for me to go for my morning jog. Stay calm and healthy!)

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