Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Foods and Flowers at Cameron Highlands

Our first stop at Cameron Highlands was the Water Cress Valley restaurant at Brinchang.

The moms

Watercress dishes

Assorted fresh mushroom. I love mushrooms!!

Overall, the food was meh, but the view was good!

The view from Water Cress Valley restaurant

 Next is to check in our hotel.

Cozy, clean, strategically-located,
and only about RM80/night.

The view from our hotel, not bad right?

The Brinchang town

This was actually hubby's business trip and we were left on our own after checking in the hotel. So, we spent the rest of the day just walking around Brinchang town.

Here's the Big Red Strawberry Farm, just a short walking distance from our hotel:

We came for the dessert and not so much for the plants. =P
@ The Big Strawberry Farm

Fresh strawberry sundae and pancake @ The Big Strawberry Farm

The cafe seating area @ The Big Strawberry Farm

Besides strawberries and dessert, the Big Strawberry Farm has other plants too.

My mom with the flowers

Christmas flowers @ The Big Strawberry Farm

This is my favourite flowers and it's only RM6 per pot!
I was planning to buy it on the last day of our trip.
However, to my disappointments, I didn't get to buy it from the 3 other farms that I purposely visited on the last day. It was either not available, too expensive or didn't look good. :(

The strawberry women

After the farm visit, we walked back to our hotel for a short rest + nap. Then it's time for dinner again.

 The best herbal pork leg that I have ever tasted.
@ You Hoo restaurant

Is this also called pucuk paku?
The menu described it as "young fruit of chayote with salted egg" - such an impressive name.
@ You Hoo restaurant

Since there were only 3 of us and the pork leg portion is quite huge, we could only ordered two dishes. Would definitely come back again for other dishes the next time. 

So that's conclude Day 1 of our Cameron Highlands trip.

The next morning...

We had breakfast at Uncle Chow kopitiam. It was opened by a retired couples from KL and it's highly popular with the tourists.

 The shop. 
It's quite hidden in the housing areas, but luckily they have good road signs to lead us here. 

After breakfast, it's farm visiting time again. 

Love the view! 
Just outside the entrance of the agro farm that we are visiting

Happy yellow flowers by the roadside

So beautiful and elegant
I've taken at least a few hundreds photos of the flowers so I guess that I will only post the ones that I really like.

That's all for now, I'll post more photos later. :)

Have a beautiful day people!

Love, Rojakgal


  1. Hi, nice blog! may i know what's the hotel name?

    1. Hi Anonymous, I was staying in Parkland Hotel Cameron Highlands!


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