Monday, April 8, 2013

Me and the panda

When I was a child, I remember seeing a big panda donation box for WWF in the supermarket that I used to go.  When I was taking my PMR, I was so desperate to score that I made a secret wish to donate RM100 to the panda if I could get a full distinction. My daily pocket money was RM1.50 during that time. I have even thought of a strategy to do this, which is donating small amount of money everytime I go till it hit my targeted amount.

And surprisingly, I did get straight A’s!!!!! and I wasn’t even a very bright student. Power of the panda??!! I started to drop in 50 cents to the panda box whenever I go to the supermarket. Then sometimes, after pacing back and forth in front of the panda, and requiring a lot of courage, I would drop in RM2 while gasping for air. Due to my kiamsiap-ness, I have stopped donating after a year and I think my donation didn’t reach RM30. Sorry panda, I was 16. 

That was my first experience in donating money to the charity. Fast forward many years later, I still do donate money as I feel that with all the blessings that I have, I should contribute back to the society even I could only afford peanut money. I became a child sponsor. As my kiamsiap-ness has not changed a lot since I was 16, sometimes I still pull a handbrake or I would replace donation with volunteering.

As I have now seen children who are sick, weak and are tormented by poverty, I’ve vowed to continue donating as long as I have a roof on my head and food on my table.

And if I have functional hands and legs, I would volunteer to help the less unfortunate ones who are crippled by poverty.

If you are reading this, I would really urge that you could take action to help others.  You do not have to donate your kidney or your 1 month salary to the charity of your choice. If you could just donate even USD1, that would be enough for the meal of a child who have not eaten for 3 days. YOU, can make a difference to people and children who are desperate for help. Otherwise, you could just use my most loved reason for NOT donating if anyone asked.

NOT ENOUGH MONEY, (insert your preferred answer below)

I am still a student.

I just started working and I am struggling to make ends meet.

(After a few years..)

No money la, you think living in KL easy ah? I am vomiting money every month for my parent, my car, my girlfriend, my cat, my loan, my slimming program, blah blah..

Need to save to buy house.

Need to save for marriage.

Milk powder and mamy poko is expensive.

Need to send kids to college.

(Too many years later…)
Almost retiring already la, I need $$ for my old age.

At the funeral…(no need to say already.)

Helping others makes you a happier person, don't you agree?

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