Thursday, February 28, 2013

Most frustrating experience with CIMB bank

Dear Mr. J,

I have submitted my request letter for home loan interest reduction more than 1 year ago. 
Ms. JJ said that I needed to submit the letter personally to your branch and that I can't send by email/fax.
So, I took leave and went to your branch and submitted the letter. A few months later, I called to check since I have not heard from her.
She said that she has LOST my letter!

Fine, so I made a trip to your branch and submitted the letter for the 2nd time.

A few months later, there was still no reply from her and I called again. She said that she needed two signatories for my request letter and I only had one in my letter. Apparently, she has FORGOTTEN to inform me.

Now, the FUNNY thing is that she said that I could submit by fax/email instead of coming personally to the branch. So I did that, and this is my 3rd submission, and you can see from my emails below that she has yet to reply me. Maybe she has FORGOTTEN again. 

Dear Mr. J, my interest reduction might have been approved 1 year ago if the officer is more competent. Do I have to bear 1 YEAR of interest differences due to your staff's negligence? Please advise.

Secondly, I asked Ms. JJ if my fire insurance charges has been waived and her reply is very inconsistent as you can see from the emails below. I wonder why she has to take so LONG for such as simple enquiry. I have also called her a many times on this.

I hope that you can help me on this. 

Thank you so much.


*names have been changed

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