Friday, April 19, 2013

Trip to Macau / Zhuhai - Part 1

Weeee.....finally a mom and daughter trip, and it's full sponsored by my mom. ;o) muacks, muacks.

We booked for this trip back in July 2012 during the Air Asia free seat promotion and the tickets is only RM632 for both of us. At soon as we touched down Macau airport, we took a bus and went straight to the Macau border to enter Zhuhai.

This is my first photo of Macau taken inside the bus.

The massive crowd at Zhuhai/Macau border

My first meal in Zhuhai, at a restaurant in Gong Bei Port Plaza. 
I was quite mad that they gave me this roast pork which has like 95% fat and refused to change it for me. :(

Mom ordered pheonix claw with pork ribs.
Price: CNY25

My mom was already KO-ed on Day 1 of our trip. Even the heart-shaped cappuccino could not revive her. I kinda regretted for being too kiasu to book the earliest flight at 6.30am. Cuz we actually had to wake up at 2.30am and leave to airport at 3.30am. T__T

Our hotel in Zhuhai. @Huayu Runzhu Hotel
It's only RM105/night and strategically located at Lianhua Road which is the main shopping street. 

The best food in Zhuhai is this..

Grilled oysters with garlic and it's only RM5 for 4 pieces!!! 
At first, I was quite unsure as I was afraid that the oyster might not be fresh and that I might get a stomachache. But after passing by so many roadside stalls selling this, I finally gave in to the temptation and tried it. It was damn good and so worth it.

The no. 1 activity to do in Zhuhai

The shopping street at Yinbin Road
The shops here will try all sort of ways to attract customers to their shops - like this lady here standing on the plastic chair here is promoting her store with a loudspeaker, some will put on very loud music and others clapping their hands.

 Yingbin road at night.

 There were so many ready-to-eat food at the supermarket here. 

Only two photos because the staff here scolded me for taking photos. :(

Here are my loots after two days of shopping:

All the clothes and shoes here is only around RM20-RM30! 
Quality is quite good too.
There are also many nice but slightly expensive China brand outlet here in Zhuhai but I didn't buy la.

I was quite happy when I spotted a Chatime outlet here.
 And then found out that it's a fake Chatime and taste is awful :(.

See, got so many customers some more.

Here's our last meal at Zhuhai on the 2nd day before we travel back to Macau.
 Xiu Long Pau 
Price: only CNY 13 for this whole bucket. It's the cheapest xiu long pau ever.

Steamed pork rib with pumpkin.

My last photo of Zhuhai at the border crossing @Gongbei Port
With so much walking with our luggage, I was quite glad that I took my backpack.

Next post will be on Macau. ;-)

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