Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 Days in Shanghai, China

I just had a super fun trip to Hangzhou & Shanghai, it was only 5 days and 4 nights but it feel like we have done so much over these few days. Of course it was also quite tiring since we squeezed our time to the max, lol.

Took loads of photo at the Bund, Shanghai.

The funny faces with the Oriental Pearl Tower

These two has amazing jump-in-the-air skill

Not so successful jump.

Today no rain ah?

 My buddy & me

Omega watch shop @ The Bund

We took a night cruise along The Bund

The girls & the night view of the Oriental Pearl Tower

View from the cruise - cute light display from the Citibank building

Apple Store @ Nanjing Road

@ Nanjing Road

Next destination is Tian Zi Fang. I quite enjoyed my time there as it's full of old-style shops with loads of unique products for you to explore.

Stairs are very steep and narrow here.

Shirley with her very stylish jacket from the wholesale mall which we went that afternoon.
It's called something that sounds like "Cheap Po Lo", and it's highly recommended for all the shopaholics. You will definitely go crazy there. Imagine the boutiques there is at least 5 times more than Sungei Wang.

 See my black garbage bag? That is my haul from Cheap Po Lo

I am using this photo as my phone wallpaper.

A very nice-looking cafe at Tian Zi Fang

A random shop at Tian Zi Fang

 Our night activities - having coffee & pizza at Tian Zi Fang (left) and liquor at Sasha's (right)

The glorious food ~
 a random restaurant at Nan Jing Road

Me and Tay

Our dinner at Xin Ji Shi Restaurant @ Xin Tian Di - highly recommended!

 Appetizer #1
It's jelly fish.

 Appetizer #2

Appetizer #3
One of the star dish, taste like tong yuen with dates

 Hong Siew Pork - Ohh, I have been dreaming of you every night since then.

 This is the freshest, sweetest and also the smoothest steamed fish that I have tasted.

Here's our bill *hyper-ventilate* for 6 pax
Sorry if the price turns you off, LOL. But I think it's really worth the try. :P

 This is Yu Yuan. Look at the crowd! The best words to describe is mountain people mountain sea.

Yu Yuan garden. We paid around RM10-RM20 to enter.
I think you can skip this.

I'll end this post with our award-winning couple photo:

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