Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Restoran Dim Sum Yum Cha, Kuchai Avenue - Revisit

There are only 2 Dim Sum restaurants in Kuchai Entrepreneurs' Park that is worth going. The first one is the popular and established Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong (or better known as Kam Hin) which has 5 branches. The second one is the newly opened Restoran Dim Sum Yum Cha at Kuchai Avenue which is under Grand Cuisinelicious Sdn Bhd.

This will be my 2nd visit here. Here's the post of my first visit.

They will give you free egg tarts when you show your parking ticket.
I wonder if they have already implemented this during my first visit cause I didn't notice know this before.

Their egg tarts which is quite good.

Instead of ordering chinese tea to go with the dim sum, we've decided to try their many varieties of herbal drinks:


Right: Mint leave with chrysanthemum @ RM3.50
Left: Sugar cane with water chestnut @ RM3.50

Their dim sum is only served upon order and the waiting time is still quite long.

and still waiting!!!

The most lousy red bean paste with sesame rice ball:
The sesame rice ball is good but the red bean paste is super duper thick it becomes hard to swallow. If you throw this to the wall, it will probably stick on to the wall.

This photo proved that I am not exaggerating.

Mango crispy rolls @ RM4.80
This is marked as recommended in their menu but it is only so-so.

Prawn is fresh and succulent. 
Char siew pau is nice too as the pau skin is very soft

Pork ribs is not bad.

Ok, that's all. I will certainly revisit this place again for dim sum but maybe not too soon :)

UPDATES: Super Deals is offering RM18 for cash voucher worth of RM30 at this restaurant. Don't miss it! Deal ends 29-April 2011.

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