Tuesday, November 23, 2010

City of Light Trees: I-city, Shah Alam

After seeing too many photos taken by other bloggers of I-city, I thought I wouldn't be excited but I was wrong! The sight is really really breathtaking! and it's an ideal place to take your kids or parents ;)


Before heading to i-City, I have decided to try out Yuen's steamboat since I heard that their chicken wings are really good and it is always crowded whenever I passed by.

My friend, Angel has warned me that the chicken wings are hard to snatch and I might be able to get one piece if I am lucky. I thought she was kidding or just exaggerating. I was soon to witness a crowd of like 10 teenagers or more crowding at the table before there even was a sign of chicken wing. When the chicken wings were finally served, the people are literately fighting for the wings and it was gone in like 1 minute! No kidding.


The prized chicken wing.
It's bbq-ed to perfection with very tasty marinate.
I was very lucky to get two pieces..LOL...
One of the teen was sympathic to my mom and hence gave her a piece..LOL...and I got one piece on my own!

The crowd
Price: RM20.80 nett per head and drinks are not included.

They are many Malay customers here as they do not serve pork and most of their kitchen staffs are Malays.

32A-1, Jalan PJS 8/6

Mentari Plaza, Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.076211, 101.612098
Tel:016-2086678, 56375825

Food Ranking : 3/5

Environment: 2.5/5
Price: Reasonable
Overall Rating: 2.5/5

 Photos of I-City @ Shah Alam:

White Christmas Tree

I <333 the mistletoes!

Colourful pine trees


Me and a mini christmas tree.
Too bad they are not playing Christmas music.
Interesting enough, they are playing all-time hits like Michael Jackson and even a Chinese song that goes like this...Lonnnnggg Pannn.....Loong Lauuuu......(means moving wave?)

Can you see the moon?


Red tree

White tree


A shop selling lots of lighted head gear and other lighted stuff.

Photos of the snow room:

This is the entrance of the Snow House.
It tooks us about 20 minutes to get in since the queue is like literately 0.5km.


Light Deer

Hehe...I couldn't resist buying this Minnie mouse lighted hair band at RM8 from the shop there.


Mom with Minnie Mouse band :-)

Me and my two moms.


Haha..my 80-year-old MIL is sporting enough to wear the lighted band for photo.

Photos of us:

Roy and MIL


Light peacock!

Some info about i-City:

It was probably built before 2010 CNY since I found an article on The Star promoting it during the CNY month.

There are a few restaurants in I-city, one of it called the Tasty Pot Restaurant looks interesting enough. It serves Buffet BBQ steamboat at RM26.80 per head with a few soup base to choose from such as:
soya bean soup, curry soya bean soup, HK satin porridge, Chong Qing spicy soup, Thai style tom yam soup and herbal soup. There have a grill which serves grilled crab, not sure if it included in the buffet. They do not have a lot of customers though. There is also Gasoline restaurant there.

Entrance fee: RM10 for parking and it comes with a RM10 voucher.You can be use the voucher to redeem for  the RM2 entrance fee for the snow room.

And that's the end of my post!


  1. i totally missed out on the snow room when i went to i-city! didn't even know there was such a thing. did you have to go really deep in to find it?? also, yuen steamboat is ABSOLUTELY NUTS! i went there only once and got so traumatized by the whole "chicken grabbing" scene i never went back again! don't really get what's so special there... tastes the same as any other steamboat place lol

    now i wanna make another trip to i-city!! wanna take photos in the snow room too :D

  2. been to Yuen Steamboat. They used to open for lunch too. Lucnh less people fighting for the chicken wings

    How much is it the entrance fee for i-City? Last round i went was RM5. My riend said CNY was RM1 only

  3. sugarmouse: haha...if I didn't check out others' blog post before I went, I would be like you too, totally missing out the snow room. However, be prepare to a the super long queue.
    Totally agreed about yuen steamboat, there is nothing nice there :P

    Mamakucingbooks: They are only charging RM10 for parking and it comes with a RM10 voucher. You can be use the voucher to redeem for the the RM2 entrance fee for the snow room.
    You are a cat lover?

  4. haha..told u so!!! hate to rush for the wings.

    I-city is beautiful. Should make a trip there maybe this wkend. Btw, ur MIL is really sporting

  5. Yes, the Tasty Pot Restaurant Buffet Steamboat inclusive of grill crabs and lamb too and if u ask u get a rebate of RM10 for steamboat

  6. nice pictures!! will take ur advise to visit i-city, at least for once :D


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