Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mini Honeymoon at Swiss Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut

We had our mini honeymoon at Swiss Garden Damai Laut last weekend.
It's a "mini" because we already had our "pre"-honeymoon at Bali few months ago and I am still looking forward to a major honeymoon hopefully to Europe or somewhere really far. :P Anyway, if that doesn't happen, the earliest holiday for us would be to Melbourne next year May..woohooot! This shall be my first western destination after swearing not to go to another Asian country for so many times!

Since I just started working again and now that I have to juggle between my new home and my mom's place, my time is getting lesser, and hence, less time to blog :P

I was going to blog about my wedding but since it has to be a really lengthy post, here's a spoiler first. :P

With super chio heavy make up on my wedding day

This is the first photo I took when I reached the hotel lobby

It's our 3th visit here and we are gonna spend 3 days 2 night :).The drive from KL to Damai Laut is slightly more than 3 hours. The only reason why we came so many times is because we get free stays. We'll just have to endure 2-3 hours sales talk from the sales consultant promoting their time-sharing package. :P

Beach side.
They have a restaurant by the beach which served bbq seafood buffet and we planned to have our dinner here but quite disappointed loh because it was closed on our first night and on our 2nd night, they are closed for private function.

This resort has a jetty

And a lighthouse too

Another view from the hotel

me n roy
The honeymooners

Hotel food. It wasn't too bad but a bit pricey though.
Cantonese fried noodle - RM22

Chicken Chop - RM22
The portion is really huge.

On our 2nd night, we decided to explore out of the resort to Hailam Village Seafood.
This is the nearest restaurant from the resort and it's recommended by the hotel staff.


Ho Chien.
It's looks a bit different from the normal Ho Chien but it tastes good though.
The egg part is super super chrunchy.
Sigh.. I left my Canon G9 at home and the photos here are taken with my iPhone so pls pardon my lousy photos.

Their signature home made beancurd.
It is really soft and smooth.

Salted Egg with Buttermilk Crab
This is really good. I had buttermilk crab and salted egg crabs before this but this is the first time I had both buttermilk and salted egg mixed together.

Sweet and sour yu piu.
This is really not my taste cause I think they put too much ginger in it but surprisingly, Roy loved this dish.

Our bill.

To get here from the the resort, just make two right turns at the junctions, and make two left turns at the traffic right. It's about 15-20 minutes drive.
Before heading back to KL on our last day, we drove around for food and also to check out lumut waterfront.

Mr Cendol.
Found this place through our GPS POI. Can't really live without GPS nowadays.
This place is just besides a petrol station, but I can't remember which one though.

Their cendol is superb!!!!
It's even better than the popular cendol in Penang.
The green cendol is slightly salty which tasted a bit like the green part of kuih dalam and
the santan and gula melaka taste is super strong and awesome. I would definately come again.

Their assam laksa is fabulous too!
It has loads of assam which makes it very sour.

Inside of the shop

Their menu, wondering if their nasi lemak and other main dish is as good too.

They have this cute outdoor seatings but too bad the weather is too hot for us to sit out.

Here is another place that I've found on my GPS and supposed to be good in grilled seafood.
Too bad they only served the grilled stuff after 6pm

We drop by this shop for some dried seafood shopping

 Loads of dried seafood

Lumut Waterfront

Ships @ Lumut Waterfront

So, that's the end of our mini honey moon. :) Kthxbye.


  1. Ive been here once with u guys! hehe So how much was that plate of crabs?! RM17 ar? Cheap man!

    Ur post makes me wanna go damai laut again...

  2. Liveloveangel, i have given your contact, they may invite you for free stay if you are lucky :-)

  3. Great Mini -honey moon... am going on Mr Moon's company trip to Pangkor in December..will check out those places you shared.....

  4. the cendol place is next to Esso desa manjung raya. Near to it is this monkey park where monkeys roam freely... well... too freely to my liking. sometimes they go across climbing the houses there, my parents stay at the neighborhood.


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