Friday, October 29, 2010

Rojak's Guide to Wedding Preparation Part 2 - cupcakes

My wedding is finally over and I am glad that everything (almost) had went well.

Since I love anything that is cute, I was really hoping to have loads of custom-made cutesie cup cakes. As I was compiling cup cakes quotation, I was really aghast on how expensive this silly cup cakes can be.

Still I am very amazed how creative they can be.

Cup cakes from bunsintheoven:

I am not sure how much exactly these are because when I enquired, here is what they responded:

Hi Elle,
Thanks for your enquiry, it's great to hear from you.

Congratulations on your big day and thank you for considering BITO as your vendor.

Unfortunately I am not able to take your order as my schedule for that period is already full.

Sincere apologies.


Besides Bunsintheoven, I also checked with the more popular Cupcake Chic.
I have asked for the quotation of 100pcs, rental of a tier stand and favor boxes.

Design 1 - customisable plate, replace Mcd logo with your own design

Design 2 & 3
(photos which I took from Delectable by Su @ The Garden  
They are selling 3 cupcakes at RM28 o.O

This was the quotation that I got:

33 x RM5.50 = RM 181.50 (Design 1 -customised logo)

34 x RM6 = RM204 (Design 2 - heart shape)

33 x RM8 = RM 264 (Design 3 - ribbon)

100 x RM1.40 = RM140 (Favor boxes)

1 (7-tier stand) x RM100 = RM100 (Rental)
Total = RM889.50! exclusive delivery charges summore


I have even checked another home based cake shop that my friend recommended but the price is only slightly cheaper.

Here's the contacts:

doreen's house no: 03-7710 2580

doreen's hp: 012-684 6417

Here's the design that I really wanted to do but couldn't find anyone that can replicate:


Well, that's all for now. All the info just for cupcakes. At the end, I have decided to scrap the idea cuz I think it's not worth it. All the money just to "syok sendiri" because guests in general won't appreciate this, I think. Imagine if half of your guests left your cupcakes/favor on the table

Though the cup cakes are not cheap, I think it would still be really sweet to send a box of customised cup cakes to your friends on their wedding or special occassions. :)


  1. Try My Sweet Little Cupcakes. They are very new so are going on promo from as low as RM3.50 per cupcakes. They can also customise for you.

  2. Wow, thanks for the recommendation. Their cupcakes are really cute!

  3. I'm Lilian from My Sweet Little Cupcakes.. Thank you! Do consider us for any occassion or celebration. We are happy to serve you!


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