Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why I love Bali ♥

1. Fantastic live bands and nightlife

Me in front of vi ai pi club (pronounced as VIP). It's two-storey with really nice and loud live band at night.
This street is full of pubs and is really happening at night.

2. Their avocado drink and salad is awesome and cheap!


3. A diving paradise - They have manta rays, sunfish aka mola-mola and and a nice WW2 wreck dive (Liberty Wreck). Their fishes are very friendly too as they swim really close to you.

That's me in the orange fins & a school of Jack fish. It should be enough fishes for me to eat for a few lives.

Close up

4. Value-for-money hotels.
We stayed at Alam Asmara and Adi Dharma and they are among the best hotels that I have stayed so far.

Alam Asmara Hotel, Candidasa. USD70/night
Too romantic...I was like oooohhhhhhhhhh when I saw it.

Our toilet @ Alam Asmara
The flowers on the basin are just too pretty and I felt really guilty when I had to flush them away.

Don't you think that Jasmine flower is lovely?
I love the two little glass bottles of Jasmine shampoo and conditioner. I finished the shampoo & conditioner and dunno what to do with the nice empty bottles.

Foyer @ Alam Asmara
There are fishes in that little pond too!

Semi outdoor toilet @ Alam Asmara

Breakfast @ Alam Asmara

My complimentary breakfast at hotel. Mad cute *Love*

Restaurant @ Alam Asmara

Pool @ Adi Dharma Cottages, Kuta.

Reception fort @ Adi Dharma Cottages, Kuta.

Elle @ Adi Dharma Cottages, Kuta. Wifi is available here :D

5. Breathtaking scenery @ Tanah Lot, Dreamland, Uluwatu


I copied this photo somewhere cause the photos that I took sucks. Hmm..wondering where all the people gone in this photo. When we were there, there were maybe more than a hundred people lazing on the beach, some topless and probably another hundred surfers surfing at the mad wave. As we were walking along the beach, I feared that the wave is just gonna swept Roy and he can't swim! This reminds me of Shirley & Angel's near death experience back at our Phuket holiday more than a decade ago. We were just playing at shallow water, maybe knee level when one mad unexpected wave just came and swept everyone apart and pull u gals out to the sea. As for myself, fortunately I was swept snowball-style like a ragged doll back to the beach. Luckily, I was not wearing bikinis cause my normal swim suit also almost fell off. :P

6. Feels good to wear bikini and sundress all day long :D cuz..
  • I can go for a swim anytime I want! as Kuta beach is just a stonethrow away from our hotel and the happening area
  • Can try on clothes anywhere anytime, at the rdside stall, etc.
  • Their weather is damn hot & humid even at night
  • It feels and looks odd to wear one back here.

7.Cheap Japanese

This Japanese set lunch is only for 50,000rp (RM18) This is even better than Mcvalue price. Guarantee cannot find this cheap in KL


Japanese Restaurant Fukutaro

Do you know how to eat sushi the correct way?
Hmm...I tried with the chopstick but the sashimi will fall off when it is hold in that position.

8. Great for sunbathing

These pink sun chairs and me is love at first sight. ♥ I almost squeal in excitement when I spotted this chair at the beach. LOL..

The cushion has coke logo and it's red, double love

While I am trying to enjoy myself at the beach, Roy keeps pestering me to take his photo, so he got what he wants >>>



9. Great for surfing


Surfing is so hard :(, I rented this bodyboard and could never catch the wave though been trying relentlessly for at least an hour in the cruel wave. After I am done with the surfing, I was so panicked cause I couldn't find Roy and I don't even recognise that part of the beach! After searching for at least 15 minutes, I realised that I have drifted at least 500 m away from where I started. LOL..

10. Babi Guling

 Babi Guling @ Ibu Oka, Ubud

Other random photos:
Me @ Denpasar airport
If u noticed, I am trying to show my shoes in the photo cuz I looked like a legless ghost without the shoe in view.

This is how I get comfy in a cramped Airasia


  1. the Sashimi looks so fresh..Worth it!

    Roy's got a sexy pair of legs :D

    And oh nice bikini!

  2. Thanks and do u know that I couldn't find a decent bikini here at roxy and it's crazy expensive.

  3. Rojak!, great looking toned body in your bikini!:)


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