Monday, June 14, 2010

How to host a Fab Party

It's not that I am an expert in hosting but here's my 2cents :)
Identify your guests into the following guest categories so that you will know how to plan your party and what to expect.

1. Your buddies: comes early to help and go off last with the washing.
2. The divas:
How to recognise them:
  • comes late
  • goes back early
  • doesn't RSVP, or if they do, be prepared that they will FFK
  • divas expect you to serve them like you are their maid
How to deal: If you have no choice but to invite them (or your friend go and pandai2 have them invited without your knowledge), live with it and be a gracious host. It's not worth to spoil your mood

    3. The demanding:
    Even when you are working your ass off to plan and prepare and funding the party, it's not uncommon that they will expect 5-star service from you.

    How to recognise them:
    • Ha? Why no oyster, sushis, lamb, wine, marshmallow etc etc etc etc geh...
    How to deal:
    1. Do not ask for their opinions or suggestions.
    2. Swallow everything that they have to say and take a very very very deep breath.
    3. Do not take them for shopping unless you want to burn a hole in your pocket and increase your blood pressure
    4. Ask them to buy/sponsor whatever they want to eat.

    Rojak's Party Hosting Principles:
    1. DO NOT be a cranky host even though you are sick, tired, ffk-ed, offended, and shorthanded (which I have failed, miserably)

    This is me at 4pm before the party - was KO-ed due to bad flu, very cranky and still yet to start preparing. I need a nap to recharge myself. Pepper Love came and thought I was on drip..hehe.. (see the iPhone cable?)

    2.To be continued...when I have more ideas.

    Rojak's Tips:
    1. Do not assume that you will get help from your friends. 
    2. Do not assume that your guests and even your appointed helpers will come early or on time.
    3. Do not trust the men to do the shopping.

    See what I mean?
    Roy bought this for BBQ.

    Fab Party Must-Haves:

    1. Good Food

    Bebolas/Hotdogs/Crabstick in stick

    Marinated Pork and Beef

    Fresh Salad


    Photos from last week Poolside BBQ party:

    The prep:
    Sweet Pepper Love is the first one to come help me, I am so touched *sob*! 

    Shirley & Val

    The host herself

    Me again

    The BBQ sponsor

    The women gossiping session before the party begun


    Mei Nv Chu Fang #1. 
    These are the fantastic girls who have helped out. Behind us is the cameo guy who is also my family's chef.


    Mei Nv Chu Fang #2 
    My bro looking damn happy with his marinated pork

    I have prepared some door gifts for my lovely guests :) - It's the coaster, the cat, and soa

    2. Great Friends (who are also sporting enough) :)


    The gang. 
    A few who came unprepared for swimming ended up jumping in with their casual clothes (Shannen!)

    3. Fun activities and games such as:



    Nail Painting!
    Male model #1: Alex

    Male model #2: Mr. Moon with World Cup inspired nail design

    Card/Board Games!
    Don't have a photo but my favourite is Monopoly and Tarot card.

    Note: Please do not take this post seriously. If there is any similarity to any person, life or death, it's unintentional and purely a co-incidence. Peace!

    Last but more least, I am still a novice at hosting, pls do share yours party hosting tips, and so on.

    * This post is requested by my good friend, 御用 闲人


    1. this is funnyyy! hahahaha

    2. will remember your tips for future hostings

    3. My tips
      1. Not to serve so many bebolas for bbq.
      2. Make sure food is enough, not limited.

    4. do u smile during sleep?? i bet u pose for that photo.. :)

    5. Val: wasn't smiling but you are right on the posing. Haha..

      Angel: it's not only bebolas but also crabstick, seafood tauhu, hotdogs, peppers :P
      Please host the next BBQ ya..


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