Monday, May 10, 2010

My Travel Tips and Travel Map

I shall be going to Bali for diving, excited!!!
It's the manta ray season now and sunfish season is starting next month. So, I might have a high chance to spot Mr. Manta and there still some hope to spot Mr. Sunfish.  :)))

Manta ray

Sunfish also known as Mola-mola

As a sucker for travelling, here is my TOP 3 personal travel tips for anyone who want to plan their trips.

1. To check airasia lowest rate,go to, which will show you the lowest rate and date for every month of the year. This will save u the pain to search through 365 days of the year.

2. To check the lowest hotel rate, go to, this save you the hassle of going thru 1000+ hotel booking sites to get the cheapest rate.

3. Of course, to find a value-for-money and good hotel to stay in, do check out the forums on for the guests' comments. Do not simply trust the fancy hotel's site as you might be fooled. It's also pretty easy to decide which hotel that you wanna stay as tripadvisor rank hotels based on the guests reviews and rating. You can also see the photos taken by the guests as photos on the hotel/booking sites are normally taken at their best (so you won't see the ugly or mediocre part of the hotel)

4. Last but not least, to find out all you need to know about your travel destination, go to
You will find info such as what to do, how to access, food to eat, what to buy, etc.

Well, I think these tips should quite useful ya? Care to share if you have any travel planning tips?

Here's my travel map for the places that I have been to:


  1. so nice..i also want to dive, but need to learn and take test first

  2. kevin, faster take your dive course!!!! :P


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