Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Secrets on how to look & feel young

Lot of people have commented that I look young for my age *buay pai seh*

Seriously, I think here are the few reasons to look & feel young.

1) Think young

Instead of thinking that I am too old for this and this, live like how young you want yourself to look like. For example, if you aspire to look like a college student, immerse yourself with the younger ones and do what they do. For example: hiking, learning a new language, learning kpop, volunteering and so on.

2) Dress young

Not to say that you should prance around in your secondary school uniform or your Doraemon t-shirt, dress casually and put on light make up. For most of us, going bare face is like a walking corpse. Light make up is the key. So make use of BB cream, concealer, blushers, and what not. Especially for the brows, best is to go for natural looking brows instead of getting embroidery.

3) Sleep

To best way to age or to look like your mother is to deprive yourself from a good sleep. Sleep at regular hours!

4) Exercise

I just cannot live without exercising because my body needs to get rid of all the toxins and I feel super sluggish if I don't. Almost 100% of people that looks young exercise regularly. My beautician told me her beauty secret, instead of telling me to come for facial regularly or using SKII, she told me that she exercise to look young. *jaw dropping & eye-opening*

Share with me if you know of any other tips to look and stay young!

I want to be forever young!!!

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