Sunday, March 15, 2015

5 Ways on How to Lose Weight

Being a girl with fat genes that run in my family, I have been desperately trying to lose my weight through different period of my life.

I am happy to say that I am currently in my ideal weight after a long and hard journey on
slimming methods THAT DOESN'T WORK.

Here are my experiences:

Diet tea
I was in college I started taking diet tea. These are easily available at the pharmacies.
Not only that I am not losing weight, but I had to run to the toilet like a mad woman a few times a day. Even after I have stopped, I still find it hard to control my bowel and the effect only wear off after a week or two.

Slimming centers
It's already known to most people that slimming centre are not only super expensive but the results are never permanent. The only reasons why women still goes to slimming centre is because:
- of the slick advertising tactics by the slimming centers
- pushy slimming centers' promoter
- people think that it is safe because it doesn't involve consuming diet product

Slimming program offer by clinic
I am not sure when this trend started but some clinics nowadays are promoting heavily on aesthetic enhancements as well as slimming program. This is slightly less expensive than slimming centre and it's supposedly safe because it's administered by the doctor. My mom took this program 4 years back and she did slim down considerably!

The doctor would advise her on what are the fatty food to avoid (no-brainer), on her exercise regime and she was given diet pills. The effect of the pill was she is mad thirsty all the time and she sweated a lot more than she usually does.

And 2 years later...

Guess what? My mom is even heavier than she was before!

Starving or Crazy Diet
The title is self-explanatory.

The conclusion? All the methods above, IF it works for you, it will give you the shortcuts to lose weight. But the question is how you are gonna to maintain your ideal weight? It's most definite that you will gain back the weight that you have lost if you do not change your lifestyle.

So, *yawnnnnnn* it's always come back to exercising and healthy eating which are the surest ways of keeping slim PERMANENTLY.

I do not know why god programmed so many people to be so fearful of exercising. Most people would rather starve themselves, or just do a lot of funny things just to avoid exercising. Exercising is the surest way to be healthy & fit. Good luck people!


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