Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dedicated to my mother & brother

I shared this story with the students when I was speaking at HELP University last Wednesday.

“When I was 5 years old, I thought that my family is really poor as my mom was working all the time and I only had one Barbie doll while my best friend has so many of them.
She has so many barbies, ken barbie, a barbie house, all the fancy barbie clothes, a maid and a pet too. That year, my best friend has a baby brother too, so I told my mom that I was lonely and wanted a baby brother.
And 3 years later, my baby brother was born, and I thought that it was the best present that I had in my life. Since my mom is working all the time, she bought me a lot of toys to play with, those that we bought at pasar malam. Sometimes, I would cry and cry until she bought it for me.
Lucky for her, I have never heard of toy r us then.
And I still grow up thinking that we are very poor as I had to help with the house work while my friends have maid. I also had to walk to tuition while my friend’s mom would fetch them.  When I was in primary 5, I still have one miserable Barbie doll, and she has no clothes to change.
I started working so that I can buy more Barbie Dolls. I was that desperate. I would walk about 5 km after school to a walk up apartment and sweep the floors and my friend’s father would give me RM15 each time. That was my happiest moment.”

To be continued... 

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