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My dream trip to Europe - France: Day 1 & 2

Visiting Europe is one of my life-long dream since more than a decade and it has been times (many times) when I wanted to go so much (on working-holiday) that I had arguments with my hubby. Well, now that I have been there, I have realised that going for holiday would be much better than staying there itself. :P

Well, well..after 10 years of wishing, I finally made it! So my life is already half complete now. The other half would be a baby and a bungalow. One can always wish right? (referring to the latter)  :P

Air France's meal did not disappoint! Here's our dinner - rice with fish and brocolli, mushroom salad, red & white wine, cheese, bread, chocolate cake and fruits.

Breakfast was very pleasing too - hams & cheese, buns, meiji yoghurt, fruits and juice.

Paris, France (4 days)

After about 17 hours of flight + transit, we touched down at 6:10am, checked in the hotel, had a quick breakfast and headed to our first destination which is the Louvre.

Haha..our first meal in Paris - the Vietnamese's pho. Yum, it was good.

This is the restaurant. Chamroeun has seriously good Vietnamese and Chinese food. In fact, we had 3 meals here. 

Day 1: The Louvre

Note: All photos in this post could not justify the beauty and magnificence of the structures as compare to seeing it with your own eyes.

The glass pyramid of Louvre which serves as the visitor's entrance

Inside the glass pyramid. 

The super long queue for entrance ticket. 

Louvre has two wings which are connected to each other and this photo was taken from the other wing, that's how big Louvre is.

I would never expect a museum to this big and interesting and I was "severely" enchanted by their very beautiful sculptures, paintings and decorative arts.

The crowd at Louvre. Can you spot Mona Lisa on the far right?

The most famous painting in world, Mona Lisa by Leonard da Vinci  behind bullet proof glass. She was the reason why I wanted to visit the Louvre. After seeing the masterpiece, I still have  no idea why she is so famous and  that everyone was squeezing in to take her photos including myself. I think I have squeezed for about 15 mins or so before getting to the first line. Haha

My favourite section of the museum, the decorative arts.

After Louvre, we adjourned to the Christmas market.

Christmas market at La Defense
It's sort of like our flea market but in little huts

The Grand Arche, a famous landmark which is just next to the Christmas market

Food at the Christmas market

Went to a mall nearby and tried this big macaron with ice-cream.

So, that's our first day.

Day 2: Disneyland, Paris

Seriously, if I am only limited to visiting Disneyland, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower for this trip, I would be satisfied already.

The Sleeping Beauty castle

Some ladies get super excited when they see the latest LV collections, I get super excited when I see the Disney's mascots! I actually teared when I saw Mickey & friends during the parade. I really have no idea why I am so emotional with the mascots. Lol, and as if I am crazy, I really think that Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story looks so strikingly handsome in person mascot. When he looked at my way and waved, I think I melted. *true story.

The charade

My new crush - Buzz Lightyear!


My favourite thing to do in Disney is trying on hats

Haha..the funniest hat ever

The carousel which is everyone's favourite and I got the biggest horse. Hehe. 

The very eerie Phantom Manor

Tower of Terror whereby they have this escalator that travel up and down at neck-breaking speed. When it reaches to the top,  it will open up to the great view of Disneyland. However, I was so terrified and I don't think I can enjoy the view in such a way.

The giant christmas tree. It's Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary!

Well, that sum up our 2nd day which we spent entirely at Disneyland. =)


  1. Great post! Looks like you had good time there. This is very helpful for our planning to paris!

  2. Hi Ramli, glad that you find this helpful. :) I had a hard time planning this trip cuz it does get a bit complicated since we are backpacking.

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