Wednesday, January 16, 2013


At 32, I thought that the heights of my life is more or less over. I wasn't as ambitious and I'm happy with a laid back life. So for 2012, I didn't really expect much. I have the habit of setting resolutions every year and I realize that my list is getting shorter as the years goes by. Having said that, I was really grateful for all the good things and bad ones that have happened this year. This is what I have done in 2012.

1. Watched the most spectacular show at West Lake, Hang Zhou

Impression West Lake Show by Zhang Yi Mou
The entire cast members performed above the beautiful West Lake accompanied by Kitaro's music.

2. Falling in love with the beautiful West Lake.

3. Being rummaged by the wild deers in Nara, Japan

 4. My first trip to Universal Studio and loving it so much.

Universal Studio, Osaka

5. Went to paradise

Sipadan Water Village, Sipadan

6. Watching cuttlefish upclose at Sipadan
Watching this little creature changing colours in their natural habitat is the most amazing experience!

7. Eating fugu, also known as pufferfish which can be lethally poisonous.
in Osaka
8. Eating Kobe Beef

9. Achieving my life-long dream which is to visit Europe and I went to France, Switzerland and Italy. ^__^V

Me & Eiffel Tower

10. Being selected as one of the four World Vision Famine Advocate for 2013.

Happy New Year and I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2013!

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