Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dependent Grown Up Children

What makes me really when I see a parent KEEP supporting his or her grown up children. Needless to say, these adults are raised and spoiled to be dependent, careless, selfish and having that "i entitle it" attitude.

As a parent, when you keep on supporting your children financially,
Does your children appreciate you more? No.
Is he ever going to be financially independent? Most likely not.
Is he going to return your money? No.
Does it improve your relationship when you ask your children back for the money? No
When you are old, sick and poor, can he/she support your needs? No.
Does it strain the relationship between your dependent child with the independent ones? Oh hell, yes.
What are the chances of him getting into situation or stuff that he couldn't afford? 100%

As a result, the parents are working their butts off while the children conveniently milking their money.

I do want to be blase about this but I just can't no matter how hard I tried.
Here's an article titled

Enabling Self-Indulgent Adult Children Is Not Good Parenting

which I seriously like to share. My favourite line for this article is "Adult children who are not disabled should not be supported by their parents and parents should not support their adult children"

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