Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Health & Exercising

Why does people rather complain and SUFFER their own ill-health rather than fixing it by simple things like exercising?

It really bothers me to see loved ones and friends SUFFERING from ill-health and SPENDING so much time, energy and money on medicine and treatments. If you could wash and service your car regularly, why not give your health the same priority?

I have also come to realization that most people just won't change even with me constantly telling or reminding them to live healthily. So I have decided that I shouldn't be bothered to do this anymore because I don't like to be a sour nagger. However, just recently I ranted about the same topic on my facebook status and a close friend told me that he is suddenly 'awakened'. He has started walking + jogging since and I am really happy for him that he did so! :D

I am not really a health freak but I guess I am improving along the time. You can argue that I am not a vegetarian and that I am not that healthy either - I like to eat out, I drink tea/coffee, etc etc. But at least I am putting effort into exercising and eating healthily. For me, having a super health-conscious partner has really influence me a lot into healthy diet. :)

Here are two things that I do to remain healthy which is really easy to do.

1) Exercise.
You have 168 hours a week. How about just spending 2 hours a week to exercise, which is really like about 1% of your time and you'll save yourself from your 24x7 suffering. Don't you know that regular exercise will reduce/prevent your back pain, asthma, obesity, etc etc? If you really do not have the will or patience to do 1 or 2 hours of exercise, try starting small, 10 to 15 minutes perhaps?

Here's my weekly exercise routine.
Mon - Aikido (1 hour)
Tues - Hip Hop & Yoga (2 hour)
Sat - Zumba & Hip Hop (2 hour)

Once a while, I swim, jog, hike and dive.

A workout dance: The Time - Black Eyed Peas

Exercising is fun and if possible, I wanna do the routines above forever. Find something that you like so that you do not have to endure exercising but enjoy it!

2) Having healthy breakfast and sometimes, healthy lunch too.

My regular breakfast consist of:

  • 1 pc of whole meal bread with butter, jam, kaya, or cheese etc etc
  • Half-boiled egg (once or twice a week)
  • This is the most important: Blended fruits and vegetables , I like to think of it as my beauty magic potion. Mine is a combination of lemon, lettuce, apple, banana, carrot, tomato, bitter guard and potato. With so much of nutrient goodness, this is much more better to what SKII can do to your skin.

Sometimes I eat these for lunch:

Salad leaves, baby tomato and Japanese cucumber with salad dressing

Mixed fruits

Ending this post with my photo :P


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