Tuesday, June 7, 2011

iPhone app: My Diet Diary

I have been trying to lose a few kilos lately by exercising more and eating less. I am using this application called My Diet Diary on my iPhone and it is so so so useful.

It helps me to calculate my BMR based on my age, weight, height and activity level (sedentary, lightly/moderately/very/extremely active)
I considered myself sedentary because I am sitting at least 8 hours daily.

I can keep track of my daily food intakes and the calories that comes along as
they have a super comprehensive calories database.

Keeping track of my exercise.
I'll just have to enter the duration of my exercise and type of exercise and they will know how many calories that I will be burning.

Summary of my daily diet
See the word burned in orange font?
If it is a positive number, it means that I am burning more calories than I consume. XD

I found that in order to lose a kilo, I need to burn this much of calories:

7709 Kcal = 1 Kg

On the days when I am exercising, I burn about 500Kcal to 1500Kcal per day depending on how vigorous is my exercise and what I eat.
On the days when I am not exercising, I will normally breakeven on the calories consumed and burned.

Meaning to say, if I want to lose a kilo in a week, I will have to exercise vigorously for 5 days a week (7709/1500 = 5.13)
My type of vigorous exercise means 2 hours of stationary cycling class or fast-paced dance.
No easy eh?

My bi-weekly diet diary.
As you can see, my exercise routines include martial art (aikido), biking, aerobics and hip hop dancing

Cool application eh? Hopefully I can get back to my original weight.

Oh by the way, I just discovered how to capture my iPhone screen as what you see on these screen captures above. Can't believe that it is so easy and the function is totally awesome.
Just press the on/off button of your iPhone (on the top right) and press the home button once simultaneously (Remember, if you HOLD both buttons together, it's not going to work. Press on/off button first, hold and press home button ONCE)
Voila! You will heard the camera flashing noise and you can retrieve your screen capture on your Camera Roll.

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