Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Most Expensive Meal

This is by far the most expensive meal in my life, and here's the bill for the two of us.
Grand total: RM487.30!


We hardly eat lavishly, but after nights of drooling over the Rippling Blossom show (the current Astro-on- Demand drama), we finally gave in to our temptation. In the show, they always show mouth-watering sushi and so we decided to try out some good quality japanese food .

I did some survey on japanese restaurants and wanted to try out the Hajime restaurant at Jln Tun Razak. Unfortunately, it was raining last friday and the road down to KL was super jam.
Hence, we headed down to Yuzu at the Garden instead.

Here's our food:

I made this montage from my iphone app called Diptic. It's pretty awesome, right?
I didn't take my good camera with me that day so all the photos here were taken by my iPhone. :(

sea urchin
Uni sushi (Sea Urchin) RM70

This was my first time with sea urchin. It was soft, sweet and somewhat creamy. I had always wanted to eat fresh uni taken directly from a living sea urchin but guess this is the closest that I can get now. I read that fresh uni is noticeably different from uni that was processed 24 plus hours beforehand.

Fresh uni from its shell

Nama otoro RM72
Hirame RM31.20
Sake Hiraji RM19.20
Yokawa RM35.20
Total: RM157.60!
All the sashimi here are new to me except for salmon belly.
Nama otoro is the one that literally melts in your mouth. While the other sashimi are just so-so. -__-
By the way, most of the food here were recommended by the restaurant waitress who appeared to be quite knowledgeable.

Yuzu volcanoes roll
RM22 for two plates
This was the cheapest but also the best dish that we had throughout our dinner
It is actually two pieces of maki (rolled sushi) stacked up. This is my favourite cause it has a lot of mayo, it's spicy and has a lot of salmon roe.

black snapper
Kuro Mejina Shioyaki (The black snapper) lightly grilled in salt @ RM158

The texture of this fish is very soft and smooth. You can really taste the freshness and sweetness of the fish. But at this price, I had a higher expectation. There wasn't any wow effect nor the feeling of first love.  Furthermore, this is one ugly fish cause it is black..lol..Definately not worth the price if you ask me.


Our complimentary dessert. Very nice yam ice-cream. A bit disappointing cause they didn't give us the cake like the one from our last visit. :(

That's all for now!
With the big hole in our pocket, guess it would be awhile until the next fine dining for us.

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  1. Rojak! Though it was a bit hefty,am sure it was a great experience and time well spent with Mr. Rojak! :)


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