Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2-Days Retreat at Harmony Valley Retreat, Janda Baik

We just had an awesome retreat at Harmony Valley Retreat in Janda Baik last week. :)
Harmony Valley Retreat is rated as the best value in Bukit Tinggi on Booking.com
The price we paid was RM357nett for a Double Deluxe Room with a breakfast included.

Janda Baik is an ideal place for a short retreat because the weather here is chilly and it's only about 56km from where I stay or slightly more than an hour of drive from city center. The road to Harmony Valley Retreat is quite accessible as compared to some accommodations here which have very narrow road.

Here is what I like about this place:

  • The public area on each floor is really spacious so that you can hangout with your group
  • The staffs are very welcoming
  • The view is fantastic
  • They have a common balcony for you to chill on both floors.
  • They had an in-house restaurant so it's really convenient

Harmony Valley Retreat

The parking area

The common balcony

View from the balcony

 Hall area

Dining area

Our room

Love that their had lots of wild flowers as decor

More wild flowers

Pond with lotus flowers

 Me & Shirley

Lunch is at Restaurant Foon Lock at Kg Bukit Tinggi which is about 6km away from Harmony Valley.

Dinner at the resort.
We had Mediterranean chicken with rice, lemon grass chicken with rice, spaghetti & pumpkin soup.

Our breakfast which was included with the room price.

After checking out at 12.30pm, we went to check out Saufiville Resort @ Janda Baik which was about 13km away from Harmony Valley

Saufiville Resort @ Janda Baik
Saufiville was one of my shortlisted place to stay but I was unable to book because the booking system in the website is not working. Here is the contact that I got when we were there :
Tel: 011-123 60123
The road to Saufiville is very bumpy and narrow so it's recommended to go with a 4-wheel drive.

That's all for now! Bye! 

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