Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Pregnant: What to expect

I am not pregnant, yet.

 I am into the second month of the trying and the anticipation is killing me. It's a pretty exciting process nevertheless. This is how I would describe my feelings.

 1) The first time when the ovulation kit is positive, you literally yelled in excitement.

 2) It's like a job, making monthly appointment with your partner on your expected ovulation days. When the ahem "job" is done, you thank your partner for the co-operation and shake hands with him for being such a good team mate.

 3) You then sleep with a smile on cause this might be IT.

 4) The first week after ovulation, it feels pretty normal.

 5) The anticipation start to kick in one week prior to next period date. You are always in the SUSPECTING mode. Then you start to google all the possible symptoms of early pregnancy. You might feel or IMAGINE exhaustion, change of food preferences, lost of appetite, feeling like you are going to get sick (and you seriously wish that these meant that you are pregnant!)

 6) You suddenly want to do all the good deeds like helping an elderly cross the deed, donates to the needy, visiting homes, etc so that you can get all the good KARMA and get pregnant easily.

 7) You are SUPER cautious on medicine and alcohol cause you think that it might affect your ovum/baby in case you are already pregnant.

 8) You CURSE when your period is late for the false alarm.

 That's all for now, do you have any experience to share? Wish me luck!

Me and baby Lijer (my nephew).  
Love him so much cause he is such a smiley baby. I haven't seen him for months though. :(
Hope that we can celebrate his first birthday together next month.  Both of us is born on 14 September!

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  1. Hehehe Point No.2 so funny!
    the obvious symptom that i had was i felt really really tired!

    Good luck Elle!



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