Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Find your perfect domain with Panabee

I have been blogging about foods and travel mostly and so, I am gonna attempt to write a tech post today. ;)

Why is Panabee so good?

It suggests to you a more relevant .com domain that you would have wanted. For example, you wanted a domain for your bidding mart and there are probably a few thousand if not million domains which contain the word "Bid". So, you probably think of Obviously, such domain would have been taken ages ago.

So you try the normal registar site, and they would normally ask you to register for .biz, .info, .cc or whatnot which you do not want. But with Panabee, when I do a search with, they will brilliantly show me the following alternatives:


So cool right?

They will also show you similiar domain name which have already been taken, probably so that you know what have been taken in the market.
Wait, that is not all. If you have decided on your domain, Panabee will be directing you to which only costs $7.49 a year!

And guess who is the ambassador of It's the cute and beautiful ELLA KOON!

59166_bkg_ek 2

Here's the screenshot of Panabee for my search result:


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